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Hey Guys, need a little help here...please



I just came upon a 78 for sale about 3 blocks from my house. I've spent most of my corvette infatuation caring about 80-82's, so i need a little help on the differences.
I know the fron spolier and the rear bumper are different, but i also know the newer style can be retrofited with the bumpers from MA or CC.
The engines are not as powerful, correct?
I know it has a hatch back, and the only difference would be the 3 compartment storage area compared with the newer 2-compartment.

With the list of mods i have planned, the bumper seems like nothing.
Any Unique problems to this year?
I dont really know about the silver anniversary model, but the hood medalion says "25th annversary" ( i think, this was 5 hours ago) The car IS silver, but i couldn't tell a silver 78 from a silver anniversary.
This car looks to have 73,700 miles (best i could see from outside), with an interior that looks very good. Clean, good condition leather, with only a few wrinkles.
The exterior is less than desirable. The paint is chipped in many places, particularly in the front on the nose...
Other than that, looks like a 24 yr old car should. the exhaust pipes look worn, maybe slighlty pitted. Im going to go run otu with my digicam and snap a few shots, and then try and figure out how to post them.
Guy is asking $6,000, i think its a little high for the exterior condition.
Please post any comments and stay tuned for the pictures....Thanks ALOT.
The '78 would be a good car. I'm not particularly fond of the cross fire injection of the early eighties (not sure when that started).

Buy it, enjoy it . . .

Just my 2 cents . . .
$6k is a good price. exterior is nothing. it'svery important that everything runs well, and you have no problems with the car under the hood. because getting the car back into running shape isn't nearly as fun as modifying it for performance.
and i hafta agree with rpounds. i'm not very fond of crossfire injection either. i love my quadrajet carb! :_rock
i think you should check it out and see what's wrong. something is always wrong. if it's something you're ok with working on then go for it. buy it. fix it. enjoy it. pamper it. and above all, love it. :love

i like to wake up early and make passionate love to my baby in the morning. make her know she's special. make her wanna cry out in ecstacy.
i'm talkin' about my morning drive to work. what were you thinkin'?
All 1978 had the silver anniversary badge. They had various options for trans and engine. If it is an L82 4-speed I would think $6,000 wouldn't be too bad. There was also an L48 engine the difference if memory serves me right here is the L81 was 225hp and the L48 was 185hp.

If you go to the Model Center TAB at the top of the page you can see the specs. Just go to the 1978 ;)

p.s. 1982 was the first year of the CrossFire system, 1984 was the last year of it..

Good Luck!

The exterior is something, but id plan on a paint job anyhow.
Its hard to compare specs for the different years, just wondering if anyone coudl tell me the differences.
Its auto, not the 4 speed....but down the line, the car's getting a TPI or LS1, so it'll get a new tranny that befits it.
The exterior with paint cracks signals to me a potential lack of caring by the owner. The paint itself is no biggie. but if the guy skimped on things, well thats a biggie.
Its pouring here in queens, but i nevertheless went out and took some pics. not very good, i was trying not to get drenched. ill post them soon,
Here is a pic of mine

Mine is the Silver Anniversary 78.
All 1978 vettes had the SA badges denoting them as being built during the 25th anniversary.
My SA78 has two-tone silver paint and sport mirrors as the extra, the Pace Car had two-tone black and silver paint, sport mirrors, spoilers and rims with a special paint detail.

I think $6k is a good price if everything works well. Your drivetrain mods may make that a non-issue, and the paint is easy to fix.
I'd be more concerned about the secondary parts, the ones that will stay with the vehicle after the drivetrain mods...ps, fan clutch, brakes, guages, headlight vacuum et cetera...

Best wishes to you if you decide to buy.
Silver aka:Heidi
Well, it does have silver two tone paint.
I don't know if ill want this one. I'm hoping to find something in carlisle, but at leats this is a backup...none of the rich kidsa aroudn here will buy anythign but a bmw. good for me.

It will probably be there next week and Carlisle will give you some insight to other cars of the same years. I agree with what others have said check the carpeting and the frame in front of the rear wheel behind the drivers door. Start her up and see whats working and whats not, nomatter what Vette you buy there will be something to fix but hope that they are minor items. If you buy your Vette at Carlisle or close to home ask a ton of questions and ask to see receipts for what was done and when. If he says there was new brakes it could have been 6-7 years ago and might need to be done again, so read into what is being told to you and not everything is factual.

See you at Carlisle

Check the frame and windshield frame for any rustout. The frames typically rust on the forward side of the kick-ups, in those inside corners above the braces where the side rails meet the rear crossmember. Both of the above things are difficult to fix at best, and might mean a complete restore (10K+)

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