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Question: How many Z07 owners do we have here?


Nov 21, 2018
New South Wales
1991 Yellow Coupe
Hey, I've just stumbled across this post whilst searching 'Z07 badges'!
I have a 1991 Z07 that I've owned for a few years.... I'm in Australia, and my car has had a RHD conversion back in 1999. I believe mine may be the only RHD Z07!
Unfortunately the FX3 suspension & switches are gone, my guess is they were removed during the conversion. I didn't know my car was a Z07 until I tried to replace the brake rotors, and the replacement parts I ordered were too small.... Some searching them revealed this very pleasant surprise!
I'd love to know some more of the history of my car, and I look forward to having some spare time to read through the 10 pages of this post.
Attached is a pic of my car from the online auction site I purchased it from. According to the RPO's my car was originally white, with a blue tinted roof.


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