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Light switch broke!!!



Hello all CACC members:w

I suppose Ive been to heavy handed this past year, because I Pulled the knob and rod right out of the lightswitch the other day.
When I moved the dash forward, the switch came out in 10 pieces.
Springs and bits of plastic ect. Yikes...
The good part is, I searched lightswitch on CACC and 69myway and others had all the details I needed, Thanks Chris:D

Ive got the lights bypassed to a toggle switch for now and have ordered a new one from Zip's. They havnt confirmed that they have one on the shelf yet!

Chris, Do you still have that one in the pic you and Nikki demo'd, awhile back??If I cant get this switch, will you sell me that one?

Ill update if and when Zip confirms the order.

Thanks Bob,
I hadnt heard of them before, they look like a great online parts house and Ill try there if Zips doesnt have the switch on the shelf.

I am sorry I missed your post.

You need a switch with the vacuum port in it, and the ones I have are solid electric.

I may still have the original one that came out of my 69. It is yours for free if I can find it.

Send me a note to

chrisnikki@juno.com to remind me to look for it tonight.

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