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My , new to me, 82' Collector Edition


Apr 30, 2022
Ashland, Ky
89' Torch Red with red leather interior
I just purchased an 82' Collector Edition Corvette in fair condition. I have been shopping for parts since I got it last week. Have already ordered several suspension parts and will begin cleaning and detailing today. That way I can sort out what interior parts will be needed. The car will be painted in the next few months. Do any of you know where I can purchase the decal kit for a decent price. $1100 to $1500 seems a little steep for me.
A friend of mine had the decals painted on and it came out great . That may be an avenue that you may wanna check out with your painter after he paints the car.
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Thanks, I will talk with my painter. He can probably do that since he does custom paint.

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