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New belts and harness bar


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Heres the new belts and bar I installed, have to take out the stocks one though, too much binding when the seat moves
What part is binding? I have 5 point Simpson cam lock harnesses
mounted in my Callaway and when I just use my stock belt there are no problems. I used the harness bolts sold by R-D Racing, who is listed in the suporting vendor section to mount the lap belts that came with the harness.
Seems like the bolt that uses the retractor is the problem. I noticed today that the bolt goes all the way to the seat and hits up against it. I might try cutting the sleeve that comes with it, or just try it without the sleeve and see how that works. Do you have the sports seats ? Could be that standard seats are no problem with the R & D bolts. Not sure if the seat base is different with sport or standard seats
Super, I'm running the sports seats ('87 option - yours are different) but I haven't had the problem you describe. I'm using the "G-Force" harness kit (5-point cam lock) from R-D Racing. The bolt could be too long, but you do need to use the spacer I believe.


This post should catch Dave's (from R-D Racing) eye and he'll provide some feedback I'm sure. ;)
Maybe I'm installing it wrong or something, seems pretty straight forward. I have the retractor, then the sleeve, then G-force belt, then bolt. Other side seems a little tight also. On that side I have the three washers, then stock belt then G-force then bolt. I'll try and get some picture up today so you can tell if you have tours installed the same way.
bolt seems to be all the way in, it's tight right up to the sleeve, and the retractor is tight right up against the side
Lookin :cool supernatural! :upthumbs
supernatural400 said:
...I have the three washers

Super, you only need to use the washers as necessary to mount the anchors. Try removing a washer or two.

The side with the washers seems alright I did remove one of them. It's he other side with the seat belt retractor that causing the problems. I'm wondering if the seat area is smaller on 93's, seems weird that yours and FX GS's fit fine and mine is binding.
The only other thing I can think of suggesting is to make sure all the electrical connectors UNDER your seat are properly positioned and not causing the binding. When I rempounted my seat after putting the belts back in, I did not notice that the power seat connector was not properly positioned and it prevented the seat from going back all the way. I had to remove the seat (again), move the connector and then remount the seat.:cry Once I fixed that, everything worked fine.:D
I made sure of that before I put the seat back, when you move it back you can feel it rubbing against the side. And the side is also marked up when the bolt is hitting it. I'm going to try calling r & d tomorrow, maybe they sent me the wrong bolts, or just to see what they suggest. I don't mind if I have to take the stock belts off, but it leaves kind of a hole where the retractor is, no carpet they when it's gone
HMMM? Sounds like the head of the bolt is too thick? I've spoken with Dave from R-D and he seems like a good guy to deal with. I'm sure he'll be able to help you out. Good luck.

Are you planning to come to Corvettes@Carlisle(Aug24-26)? It would be nice to get some Callaways together there. I spoke with the guys up at Callaway recently but they don't think they are going to make it as they are running a car in LeMans this year and involved in some other projects that won't give them the time to attend
not sure yet, but I would sure like to go.
I am waiting on and E-mail reply from Joann at Callaway on getting my car down to them for the 450 upgrade or possible 490 if they can do it without tearing the engine apart. I think the 490 is for ZR-1's only but I'm waiting to hear from her on that. 450 is just a head and exhaust upgrade. did I tell you I saw one of 5 Callaway LeMans at a show recently in Rhose Island, thought it was a Viper when I first saw it...Sweet machine. If I remember right the guy who owns it said he put about 50 grand into it and took them 3 years to complete. Wish I would have been smart enough to take some pictures of it
"Thanks for the help"

I just wanted to jump in and say "Thanks" to everyone here that's been coaching Ron on his harness installation. I have spoken with him on the land line and along with everyone's great input, I am thinking the problem is where the adjusting buckle is located. Ron is going to move the buckle higher toward the side of the bolster and this should give him the room he needs.

Our Corvettes are engineered so everthing fits like a glove. And as everyone here knows, there is not much room in the area we are trying to squeeze through. But, by utilizing the factory points, I hope to keep everyone safer.

I also want to stress to everyone, even with the 5-point, don't be embarressed to also use your factory belts. If the need was ever there, I want all the assets of your safety equpiment that you have to keep you safe.

Thanks for your support,
Re: "Thanks for the help"

84c4 said:
"Thanks" to everyone here that's been coaching Ron on his harness installation.

"Everyone"?? It's only been me and Mark, Dave,. Gid just said nice "Lookin' Supernatural!". :L I'm just kiddin' ya. :L

Looooooong week-end:z


You'll be getting an update for your cross-bar, hopefully by the end of next week. I waiting on an order from GM to ship it to you. I came up with some shoulder belt attaching bolts off the C5 models that have a longer shoulder. By swapping them out, it will allow your factory shoulder loop to pivot better.

Yeah, I'm the first one to get the upgraded parts :D

Thanks again Dave, I LOVE the Cross-Bar!

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