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No intention to make anyone mad...



This is not meant to offend ANYONE... but is it me or does anyone else have trouble "spotting" and recognizing the new 01's as being a vette? It's probably me just being a dim wit, but I almost confuse them with a Trans Am (don't shoot me). My brother has one, and they are absolutely beautiful and I admire them 100% but I either need glasses or need to pay more attention.
My apologies in advance for any offense taken.
Yes I do agree with you..they do look alike and it takes some getting used too..
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Lady 80, I will not comment on this subject........But, I will say, I don't think you are a "dim wit". Maybe, it is that the Trans Am's look like a 2K vette..........But, I wear glasses, maybe I need a new prescription:cool ............Steve
Thanks Ccarlson

Oh Good, I was hoping it wasn't just me! Hey glad to hear you can keep your "baby". I know first hand how it feels to have to give one up. Congrats!:w

I know that any smart auto manufacturer would try to make their cars look like the greatest car ever produced! I drove my brothers '01 and instantly fell in love, but I am not picky no matter what year vette I love em all! ;)
Me to

Especially from the front. I have had to train myself to recognize the daytime running lights being wider on the Vette.

The nose is the only way that I can actually figure it out from the front and of course from the back there is no doubt.:booty

Thanks for your concern about my"80vette...I was a little worried and upset to about giving up my toy...
I'm with 59Tom, the running lights are what I look for.
Once you get used to spotting them, you don't mistake them very often even from a distance.:) We play a game with our teenagers and have for years ever since they were small as to who could spot the most vettes, awarding 10 points per vette. It's a battle every time we're in the car no matter what car we're in to see who gets the most points.:D

Since we've played this game for years, we've been accustomed to looking for the vettes and telling them apart from the Trans Ams and Camaros, it's not that hard when you're used to it. :) :w
Her 92

Cool game.... seems that you have quite an assortment of vettes! you Lucky gal, I'm :cry with envy! (nice website)
Thanks lady80!:) It the web site needs to be updated, one of these days I will learn how to do it.;) :w

Oh NO....! I got one up on you. My nephew has a 72, my brother has an 01, so my nephew and I are teasing my bro telling him he could of saved alot of money and bought one of those new Mitsubishi's (little sisters are a real pain in the :booty ) Of course if I ever had my chance to have one I'd take it in a split second!
Speaking of C5s. My closest friend who is more of a Porshe, BMW and Mercedes kind of guy just traded in his Benz for a 2000 C5. He called me yesterday saying he could not believe the power. Now he knows why I have had 2 camaros, 1 Trans-AM and now my 80 vette weekend warrior. Good ol made in the USA horsepower. Finally, nobody confuses a C3 with any other car, thats why I got one!



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