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No laughing please.


Little red 69

Help! I cant get my shifter knob off of my shifter. I have removed my button and spring but it won't budge. Is it threaded (Left or right), pressed on, or did bubba glue it on? It's still in good shape so I don't want to bust it, but it's holding my interior project up. Any ideas?
Thanks a bunch!

If it is anything like my 81 , it should unscrew counterclockwise ( so yes, its threaded )

It may be glued or just stuck from old age.

No laughing matter when something frustrating like that happens :mad:

Good Luck,
Lil Red, Kevin is correct. It is regular right hand threads and can be, from age, stuck on pretty tight. You might try some "rust buster" or other penatrating oil now that you have the button off, just squirt a little down from there. I have had to use a pipe wrench on them before, needless to say, I had to get a new ball. ........Steve
Got it!!!!

With a little help from "break free" gun oil, I got it, and it looks like I didn't mess up the knob much. Thanks for the help, I knew I could count on you!

P.S. This place is great! Thanks to Rob and all of the moderators!!!!!!!

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