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Oil Pan on C3's



Quik question about oil pans.

I have decided to swap out my l48 with a little beefier sbc. Will I have any problems using a stock 350 oil pan, or does a 1976 c3 require a corvette specific oil pan?

not sure about a small block. on my 454 the stock pan had more capacity than a regular bb pan. i am guessing but i would think it was the same way on a small block. robert
I don't think it matters. Just make sure you get the right pan for the right engine--ie, type I two piece rear main seal vs. type II one piece rear main seal--these have different pans.
thanx, I was unsure due to ground clearance and wanted to check 1st.
If you have modified your engine and/or be racing reving it past 5500/6000 I would recommend the Milodon Corvette road racing pan. It ain't cheap but it has a 7 quart capacity, is the same height as the stock pan and has a provision for an extra capacity oil filter and oil temperature guage. It is fully baffled. With the extra capacity oil filter I'm using 8.5 quarts of Mobil One.
I went to replace the gaskets on my oil pan and it turned out to be a truck engine. So the gaskets that I got didn't fit.

Check it out first!
Cool picture


I hope Redmist does not mind me posting this picture. This is the awesome oil pan he was describing to you earlier. Talk about a ground pounder. He is really putting together an wicked ride. I can not wait to see what it looks like when he is done.


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