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Ok Which is Louder!!!!!!!



Ive narrowed it down to two competitors as far as the catback systems go,Borla and Corsa, I know the Borlas are more $$$$$,but which one actually sounds lauder and more throaty,Ill gladly trad a few Hun for the sound I want, any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated,thnx.PeAcE
Borla is louder at Idle........... At WOT anybody'd guess. I like my Borlas sounds awesome just crusing. Corsas are quiet at Idle & get loud when you get on it. Depends on your prefrence. Go to a few shows and ask to hear them before you buy!
LOVE my borlas

The sound is awesome and it draws stares/turns heads but not tickets. I don't know about corsa but I highly recommend borlas.
I love setting off ricers car alarms in the parking garage with my Borlas!!!
Borlas! Have the "no" cat system, and it rumbles almost as loud as my bike!

Sounds awesome when you jump on it!
Between the two Im not sure, but I have the Dynomax Welded SS (1133 CFM) WITHOUT cats and that hauls some dB's hehe

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