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Removable Rear Glass


Bob Bell

Has many one ever tried to install the removable rear glass from a '68-'72 in a '74? I think I've located most all of the parts including a new window glass and frame. How practical of a modification/swap would this be concidered? I've asked several of the catalogs sites this question, some say it cann't be done while other disagree. :xmas
All I can offer is that it can be done.....I saw a 76' last summer at a show that had a removable rear window. I liked the idea of having flow thru air.

Bottom line--its do-able
I have done it to two 73 Vettes. No problem. It will take 2/3 of a day; I started 9:00 AM and was done by 6:00 PM with "supervision by 6 year old son".

With the rear window out there is less noise with the tops off and with the windows down.

The only hard part is removing the original window. You'll need a sharp utility knife and a lot of patience. Slowly cut the old sealant, several cuts in the same place will be needed to cut all the way through the sealant. If you start with the top the glass will just fall ut when you get the bottom almost done. If you pull on the knife too hard you can cut/skratch/damage the fiberglass.

Before your start make certain your Vette has the fiberglass sections in the roof to mount the latches.

There was a post on Corvette Forum showing all the pieces needed.

Have fun.

Roger covered the removal pretty good. I replaced the window twice on my '72 because it kept leaking. Once it was resealed properly (properly = getting all the original seal out WITHOUT cutting anything else) it went back in easy and never leaked again. Popping that window out was sweet.

......... Nut
I had a removable rear window on my 69. I really never used it. I think I may of taken it out twice. It was too much trouble to remove it and they stow it away. Then you had to worry about breaking it or damaging it in some way. Maybe I was just lazy but but it was nice to say you had it, but never use it.

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