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Replacing Stereo



Hi Folks,

Has anyone replaced their Bose equiped stock stereo with a modern CD/AM/FM system.

Any recommendations re; brand, and is it plug compatible.

I checked Crutchfield.com and the site lets you plug in your vehicle year/make/and model.

They say they have detailed instructions and classify as an easy installation.

any recomendations

I was researching the same issue. I am going with leaving the original Bose am/fm cass. just get it repaired and keep the car original. I would go with Kenwood if I did a replacement. Decent quality. I'm not a big fan of Audiovox but they make replacement units also and they are Bose compatable. Try the Portal , Ecklers or MAD. Be prepared for sticker shock!:eek :eek
Nice looking ride:cool
Bob, Kenwood is a good brand. But there's a lot of good brands, it just depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I have a Premier in my Vette, but Premiers are expensive. Before you start getting serious, consider what you want: cd player, tape deck, cd changer, in-dash dvd :D. There's something for everyone. Like was mentioned, Crutchfield is a good resource if you are doing it yourself. There's been some other stereo topics posted, you might search for one and see what you come up with. Maybe Ken or someone will stop by and post the link for you, those moderators are always on top of things :L.

Hope this helps.

T Jay
Hey man, what year Vette do you have? Real important. I manage a car audio shop so maybe I can be of some help. By the way, specialists find that Crutchfield may be a good reference, but are wrong in many listings, such as Corvettes.
Gixxer1 said:
Hey man, what year Vette do you have? Real important. I manage a car audio shop so maybe I can be of some help. By the way, specialists find that Crutchfield may be a good reference, but are wrong in many listings, such as Corvettes.

Hey guy, you still own that car stereo shop? I've got a C6 comming in a few weeks. I ordered the standard stereo because I really dislike Bose products.

Any recomendations?

Bob, I have an 88 Vert heres what I did: ( 2 years ago )
I took out ALL the Bose stuff ( unplugged )
Put in a Kenwood KDC-X559 Excelon ( no longer manufactured) with the 10 disc changer.. I replaced the 4X6's in the dash pad
I upgraded the door speakers ( that was a bit of fabrication to make a NEW PLATE that would fit a 5 & 1/4 & keep the stock grilles
and I have a SUB box ( in the rear over the stash hatches ) for 2 10 inch kenwood poly cone subs.
The CD changer is in the back behind the sub cabinet
the 2 poweramps are on the back wall
1 4ch 400 watt ( 100 per speaker Doors & dash top )
yes I know it's over kill.. but CLEAN POWER is better.
and my Rockford sub amp just took a powder.. so I got a Sony Explode
480 W ( running bridged mono) for the two subs.

Today I just hooked up a kenwood KCA-iP500 for my I pod..
Which the navigation is a bit funky to get to just the tune I want.
( Heck there is 4 days of music on that little dude)

and to do that I had to unplug my changer... I'm not sure I'll keep it that way.

I do have an Aux in that I can run the Ipod through.. I just need MORE cables.

This system ROCKS.. and was done on the cheap....

The sub box came with the car.. and it NOT FACTORY...

and I stll have room to drop the top with NO interference issues.

Hope this helps

I replaced the Delco-GM/Bose system on my '91 coupe.

Used a Pioneer CD Receiver with the Mosfet 50w/channel into 4 channels. My installer just removed everything the stock unit had. Replaced the speakers with 5 1/4 front speakers and 6x9 rear. The 50w/channel Mosfet amps really work even with aftermarket exhaust, but I recommend you put bigger speakers up front. You WILL need to cut the opening for maybe a 6 1/2" up there.

Mine is wired for a subwoofer but still waiting for funds to install it inside one of the rear hatch compartments.

If you're going to upgrade your sound system, go ahead and have your installer put additional sound insulation material in the rear and maybe throughout your floor and transmission tunnel.

What a difference that made on my Vette! The interior got quieter and got rid of some rattling inside. Most of all, the stereo is easier to hear while the car is running.

Total cost including the sound insulation was $1,500. Waiting for the $700 for subwoofer (amp, subwoofer, enclosure, labor).

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