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Side Pipe inserts


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Nov 3, 2003
Mattawan MI
1969 427
I am almost done with my 69 project i have been working on for 5 months. At the moment i am running open pipes. But it is just crazy loud. I have heard a lot about the spiral inserts and how well they work. Has anyone else used these? Or are there any other options besides thoes and the stock glass pack type? I want the car to be lound and agressive (on the verge of getting pulled over is fine, but not beyond that) I have heard the stock glass pack type and they just flat out suck. No tone at all. any sugestions
If you want loud then buy the Hooker Max Flows. No restriction, but loud. The STS spiral baffels have very little restriction and a sound that won't hurt your ears, but it still sounds aggressive especialy when you get on it.
Stay away from the Hooker glass pacs or Reverse Flows as they are very restrictive. I assume you have the Hooker side pipes.
i second the STS baffles. if they are not loud enough for you, uncap the baffle center core. trust me, they will be more than loud enough to get pulled over. the cops here leave me alone with mine, yet they a re lound enough to not hear the fart cans revving on the ricers that pull up.
thanx for the opinions. tough choice.

I can't find the max flow inserts anywhere. Do you know what the price of them is?
i just got them. $150 from jegs. i'm gunna put them in tonight.
let ya know how they are
I know you already have your inserts, but check out Sweet Thunder. They have several options, from quiet to loud, with different internal diameters. Havent tried them, just saw their web site. Their inserts are similar to the chambered eshaust. Am hoping to put a set of their cat backs on the 93 this winter. I havent figured out how to do the link thing yet. Their web sit is sweet-thunder.com

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