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Speaker popping


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Every now and then I get a small popping that comes from my passenger side speakers. It sounds to me like my old BOSE speakers are starting to go. Darn, I'm not really into loud booming stereos anymore so I'd hate to replace the stock system.
The BOSE speakers run off little amplifiers......is that right? Meaning, you cant just pop in a nice set of ALPINE speakers in place of the BOSE without doing other stereo upgrades?
If that's the case, it might be all or nothing......

Sounds like you have a Bose amp ready to quit. :eek

I've replaced both the front and rear passenger side amps on my 1990. The rear just went dead and the front would pop and squeal at times till it finally quit in a cloud of smoke blowing a fuse in the fuse panel. Lucky it didn't catch on fire, the amp circuit board was "toast"! :(

Bose speakers each have their own amp. The speakers have their own "special" 1 ohm resistance. This looks like a "short" to most aftermarket amps.

The Bose amps are easy to replace and you can have yours repaired (in most cases if they don't go up in smoke!) or buy new ones from one of the repair shops listed in the CAC Portal

With Bose, it's "all or nothing......"
Thanks for the info Gordy. I think when it eventually goes I'll probably go with an all aftermarket system. We'll see though........my wallett won't be to happy.

I had a speaker popping problem a couple of years ago in my 93, I trouble shot everything couldn't find a thing wrong with the speakers or the Bose system.
Then one day my entire radio quit, blew a mini-fuse, I checked to see what else was on that circuit, it was the power antenna.
Went back there and found a simple chaffed wire that lead to the antenna motor. 30 minutes later the problem was repaired, and it never popped again. Maybe that's all that's wrong with yours. Trouble shooting tip, always look for the simple things first.
Amp repairs

Hi Jay,

Contact David F at: dfulcher5@juno.com

He can show you away to fix most amp problems at little cost. There is a web site out there that he will refer you too.

We saved a fortune by a little soddering...............

Thanks for the heads up Stan :) Strange enough, it hasn't happened in about a week or two now:eyerole

That's about how mine started acting, the hot wire was chaffing intermittently, until one day it grounded out long enough for it to blow the fuse. The wires to the antenna go up inside the left fender, just behind the rear wheel well. Mine was chaffing against the only metal around that area, the left frame rail. Looks like lots of sand and other road abrasive get up in there and just chaffs through the insulation. Sure would be worth checking, beats replacing the amps if it's just a chaffed wire.

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