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"SYS" message flashing


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
As of this evening I am the proud owner of a green 96 auto LT1. As I was cruising around tonight the "SYS" message started blinking at me, no other warning lights are on. I dont have a manual so can someone give me some insight as to what the OBD II is trying to tell me.

Thanks guys.

-'77 munci Coupe
-'96 auto Coupe
It's a long shot, but how is the battery? What is the voltage with engine off? It is possible that you have a dead cell (or two) in your battery. That caused mine to flash "sys" randomly.

Also if you have an afterarket stereo in the car it will cause it to flash.. at any rate there is a code set in the CCM/BCM that you will need to retrieve if it is not of the suggested ideas
SYS Flashing

The bearing went on my alternator pulley and I believe it was causing my "SYS" to flash.

I just replaced the alternator yesterday, so I haven't been able to confirm if it stopped flashing yet.

Question for Topless;
How did you know that you had a dead cell in your battery?
A couple things actually. First is that it was a little harder to start. The other is that with the engine off/ key on, the volt meter readout on the dash showed that it was low. It is too late at night to remember, but each cell in the battery has a specific charge (voltage). Basically, at rest it was down that many volts. Then a second cell went out. The hard starting got a little worse, go figure.

Changing the battery is a PITA!!! If you can find some sucker that istalls them free with purchase, LET THEM.


ps, You can always load test your battery, if you think it is going south.
Another good way to test the cells (unless it is a maintenance free battery) is with a hydrometer. You can get one at most auto stores pretty reasonable. Then you take the caps off of the cells and check the specific gravity in each cell. You don't really need to know what the specific gravity needs to be. One of the cells will read much lower then the rest. That is usually a low cell. This needs to be done in the morning before you drive the car or after the car has set for a long time. If one of them reads reasonably lower then the rest replace the battery. Like Topless said "Let them" replace it. It is a prize PITA!

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