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Top 10 reasons to buy a Corvette


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
10) It'a better to you ( and cheaper ) than your X wife.
9) It Pi$$e's off Ford Guys.
8) Helps the economy ( with all those parts you buy...)
7) Chick magnet( Or guy as the gender might be)
6) Keeps you from going prematurely gray.
5) A well engineered product
4) It gives us something else to do ( like your not reading this now!)
3) Smoking the tires has no warning from the surgeon general.
2) Satisifies your need for speed.

1) Owning a piece of American, high end, motor city, steel & fiberglass.. and preserving the grand tradition.

What do ya think?

I think reason number 7 is definitely the best one!

I don't care how many parts I have to buy, a Corvette sitting in the garage awaiting some "hipo mods".... (its never broke down) is better than driving a Mustang anyday.

The Corvette also seems to represent a classy sports car for, ahem, the older and more mature guy.

You look at a Camaro or Mustang and the image is that of a 20 year old kid trying to impress girls. The Vette' guys don't try and they do it anyways!
Carefull now, some of us have F-bodies sitting next to the corvette in the garage...Some of us even have multiple F-bodies in the garage (4 is the current headcount in mine). But I do agree, the corvette company seems to be a little higher class than the average F-body company....:) :)

sounds like a personal problem to me. :D
I worked on a house today with a 2001 torch red vette vert. One nice ride. He said it was his wifes car...he drives a 300zx.:eek Still, I'm on the hunt for a later model ZR1, but now I would probably settle for a C5. Still don't like the looks from the front end, but I might settle.

OH--reason # 11. Like the game of golf, vette ownership is a lifelong hobby, a kid of 16 to a person af 96, it still gives you something to tinker with endlessly.
In support of misterKTM, I also have a 95 F-body that sits next to my 96 LT4.

It is a hell of a lot easier on the wallet to modify and drag the F-body than the Vette. But if money is no issue then we would all be driving the new 427 Twin Turbo from LPE. (9.7@144mph)
I would modify the one about pi$$ing off Ford guy's to everyone NOt driving a Vette!!!
Fbodies, take 2

No offense to the fbody drivers out there. I even used to own a rustang, and not even a good one (it was good while I owned it though), it was a 75 rustang II, I then traded up for a 77 RS Camaro. Then I absolutely lost my mind and got a datsun (even though that car lasted me 14 years). The Vette was a few more cars down the road for me but she eventually found me. I guess good things DO come to those who wait.
All of the above, and the fact that the body does not rust, plus I wanted one ever since I got a ride in a 67 coupe when I was a kid.
i agree....

my new saying is lose a girlfriend buy a vette! :D got a ten min phone call after 2 years so like i told her one day i would buy a vette...well that one day came 2 weeks ago.....hehe ;) oh yeah still got an 82 f-body pace car rep 1-6000 or so and 1-600 or so with rear disc brakes from the factory! even has a rear wiper but it's not a vette :D
Great TOP10!!!For the married men out there a Corvette comes in much cheaper than a girfriend!!! Dont forget with every Corvette you have all other Vette owners waving at ya!!!! You wont see Porsche,Ferrari,Rustangs Z cars or any other sports cars doing that!!!!! This is my first Vette and certainly not my last!!!! :w
ZR1 for Drewser

I was looking for a 1993 ZR1, because of the 4oth annaversary year and the great seats compared to the 94 and 95 seats. The 1993 has the 405 HP engine also. Instead I bought a 2002 Electron Blue ZO6 which is 405 HP and has the latest technology in performance etc. If I had more room in the garage I would get me a 93 ZR1 they are a great Corvette.
re:ZR1 for Drewser

Thanks for the heads up. I have found several 90s and 91s which is to be expected since they made the bulk of them in those years, but I will start looking for the 93. I like those too.:D

Then on the other hand...

Some thoughts on why a Corvette is better than a man (sometimes) -

It has exceptional horsepower, especially at the top end.
It will drive you to your mother's without complaining.
It doesn't mind when you use the vanity mirror/light cause that's what it's there for.
It starts and stops on command - no arguments, no begging.
You can replace the battery when it starts to crap out.
It doesn't mind when you crank up the juke box to drown out useless conversation.
It knows taking the top off is not a striptease.
It doesn't care what you just spent on your shirt, which you call fashion and he calls an oversized bandaid.
It remains neutral when you sit on it wearing a thong.

:t jj


However I must note some problems in your observations.

The L-98 has it's ponies at the bottom. nuttin like low end thrust.

And sometimes they do have trouble starting
( check your first posts)

And stopping.

Oh Boy...

Sorry - it's around 55 degrees here tonight and I was feeling a little frisky.

So Drew - do you want to hear why dogs are better than men? :Twist

Yeah, Mike - Your memory just kills me - I did come on with a starting problem. How soon we forget our debts of gratitude. Ya see - the Vette wouldn't hold that over my head!

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