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Update on Knocking Noise



Here's the latest on my 2001 with the knocking noise. I dropped it off at the dealership on Monday to get the lifters changed in it. Well come to find out a few hours later someone else brought in their vette for the same problem. The dealership then called one of the corvette gurus and to make a long story short they didn't change the lifters, what they did was a top end cleaning to bust up the carbon. Just as c4c5specialist said would happen. Well it fixed the problem and there is no more knocking. She sounds sweet now!! :dance My only concern was that this build-up happening with less than 10,000 miles, would it happen again soon?? Of course I use nothing but 93 octane, so I guess time will tell. Hope this helps some and thanks for the help from the others!
Glad to hear they didn't have to do any major work to your Vette. The ZR-1's LT5 engine is also very prone to carbon buildup. If I recall correctly, it's due to the design of the PCV system on the engine, but don't quote me on that. I'm not sure if that would be cause of the LS1. I haven't heard of any other cases of carbon buildup on the LS1, but Paul (c4c5) is in a much better position to assess that than I am.

You should of course, always drive your Vette within the legally posted speedlimits, but there are other ways of keeping the amount of carbon in your engine to a minimum. ;) ;)
how did they breakup the carbon build-up?
I'm not even sure if I should try this for fear of messing it up, but here goes. Mechanic says that a strong detergent type chemical is run through the engine while at idle. It actually breaks up the carbon and shoots it out of the tailpipes. I like that a LOT better than going into the engine.

Glad to see the problem was staightened out without any major work. Have fun.
Congrats on the repair.
1050002 is the part number that is used, and it is introduced into the engine, and allowed to soak, for a while to breakup the actual carbon itself.
Then, the engine is fired up, and the excess is burned out of the cylinders. It will stink like hell, and it takes a while to burn out all the residual.
Why it happens?? I dont have anything conclusive on my end, however, I have posed the question to GM, and am awaiting an answer.
Theory on this carbon buildup is rampant, and I really only want to post fact on this, so I will wait.
Besttoyou, c4c5

Hi there,
Just remember for 02, the engines all get the newer pistons, and rings. The pistons have a polymer coating on the small skirts that they have. This decreses the tolerances between the pistons and the bores, therefore piston movement changes. This stops the knock, due to carbon buildup.
Besttoyou, c4c5

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