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What is stock anyway?



I just bought my first Vette (see my signature). The interior is 100% stock,down to the radio with half-working LEDs. And he even bought a replacement owner's manual. Exterior is pretty stock-looking, too.

But lift the engine cover and you see a fair amount of chrome -- dipstick, valve covers, air cleaner, etc. There's an ancient alarm system (with siren!) in there, too. Plus, the cats must have fallen off the car a few miles back...

What was the previous owner trying to achieve? Inside, it looks like Bloomington Gold. Under the cover is operationally stock, except for the chrome etc.

If I took this car and showed it in "Survivor Class," would I get laughed at or what?
Sounds like the previous owner was just personalizing his car. If you want to go the NCRS/Bloomington route you will need to get rid of the chrome.

Nah, too late now. Just installed some heater hose shutoff valves -- my first mod!

So I'm going to do some personalizing! It's a plain, white '79 for crying out loud...the most common C3 ever made.

First off...Congrats on the purchase of your 1st Vette. Sounds like the previous owner just bought an engine dress up kit and installed it on the car to add a little "sparkle" under the hood when lifted.

Have fun driving her down there in Texas! I'm a bit envious about that, as I figure you get much more driving time/opportunities than I do here in the Great Northwest; rain & snow this winter :eek:(


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