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Wheres My sawsall..aargh..



Wheres My sawsall..aargh..install page..

Got My old headers out, the motor should be clear for the new Hooker sidemounts( I hope). The dang exhaust pipe is still dangling cause I cant find a sawsall. Tried a few minutes of hacksaw, aargh..Why ruin my day? I cant get any leverage under there.
I gotta go to the rental, and turn this into a 5 minute removal :D .
The new Headers wont be in till maybe tomorrow, probably thurs. anyway. I should be posting some pics by the weekend whahoo :) :gap
tomconners said:
...aargh..Why ruin my day? :) :gap

How apropriate, a pirate with a shark :L:L.

- Eric
It doesn't really matter,

but I thought it was Sawzall not sawsall
Man Power

Sometimes you need to use elbow grease and determination. I used a hacksaw to chop off my exhaust and pull it down. It's not easy, but it pumps up the arms pretty good. Some days, the ancient ways are good. :) --Bullitt
hope i posted the right one,,,this is a red 68 with side pipes


Make sure you get a high quality set of custom header bolts. There is a kind called Stage 8 that have special lockers to keep them from backing out on you. Plus, they have a combo hex head and alan wrench head for the tight spots.

If you can, put all the bolts through the header flange first and make sure they stick through good and straight. Sometimes you might have to head it up a tad and encourage a little extra space especially on the passenger side inner front tube bold and rear center bolt.

Anyway, put the bolts through and pull the gasket over the threads. Now start the bolts and give each one a few turns at a time to slowly pull them all in together. If you just bolt up the front and rear one first, you most likely will have a very hard time even starting a couple of the inside ones. The other trick is you have to watch to make sure the header does not bind or twist in such a way that you are able to get the bolts tight, but there is a gap between the head and header.

Go ahead and get the soap out, because you are going to need to wash your mouth out after this experience.

Just keep your mind on the prize. :cool
Aye Matey's..Hook Here!!..
Rented a grinder and got the exhaust pipes out, 1 disk 30 minutes..Had to use soap during and after, Gad what a hassle. I tossed each one around a little when I got them out:hb to get relief.
Chris..AS you probably know, The HOK2234 is a kit and Im anxious to see what the hardware looks likes. The only thing Holley says is "comes with all hardware and Premium Gaskets?".
I hear theres some pretty comprehensive install directions too. Where They describe how to do the necessary trim of fender ect.?
Thanks for the bolt mount procedure Ill do that:beer
and take pics of how it all comes down.Cept the cussing and red neck part:grinsanta
The stage 8 bolts don't fit in all the holes, I think I got two or three in a side.
The front passenger side is the worst as Chris indicated. I had to use a punch to slightly indent the section to put a standard header bolt in.
I also had to use a 12pt 3/8th ARP header bolt on one of the one's on the drivers side.
I also had to modify a wrench to get at another.
Be patient, be ready to walk away occaisonaly, and bring the sazall back to the rental shop to avoid temptation :)
redmist said:
Be patient, be ready to walk away occaisonaly, and bring the sazall back to the rental shop to avoid temptation :)

You and TC have been really cool about this, :upthumbs to both of you. ;)

_ken :w
Thanks to ALL, for the Advice, comments, I wouldnt do hardly anything without the prep. feedback I get. I couldnt afford to be doing everything twice is why;) and thats what would happen sometimes anyway
I should have been using TC all along like My Nic says, huh Ken. Too late now..TomC Works..
Just a word of warning here Tom. You do realise that it is absolutely necessary to drive your car around the block after the headers are on and before the mufflers are installed. You need to burn the oil out of the pipes so it doesn't discolor the inside of the mufflers.
Oh yeah I read that , it was paragraph four in the Hooker tech manual and I always follow directions:L

They came in last evening,The whole setup is sitting on my livingroom floor ..""I gotta say, This is a serious set of pipes "" , They are like what you see going up the sides of a fancy Mack Truck. Ill start getting them in today if I can get the afternoon off!!
F 'em if they can't take a joke

I have to share this story prompted by Tom's post.
I had just finished installing my fully rebuilt motor at 11:00 pm on a Friday.
I had the sidepipes installed without inserts.
To "break in" the cam I was instructed to run the car at 2000 rpm for 20 mins.
To the surprise of us all it fired right up scaring the c*** out of us it sounded so good/bad/loud.
I refired it and held the 2000 for 20 mins.
All my neighbors were yelling and screaming. The cops came in 20 mins. When they arrived (I was still holding 2000 rpm) and I yelled to them the reason for the disturbance they were cool and in fact asked me to punch it a couple times.
I still grin when I think about it.
Hey TC, they look like they'd make a great coffee table! :L

_ken :w
Alright Tom!

Those Hooker pipes are so sweet aren't they? I thought I could just live with the underside exhaust, but those sewer sized monsters are the epitome of coolness. I can't wait to get mine on! Redmist, you are a baaaddd man! :L Why the hell were they complaining? It was a Friday, after all. If they only knew how lucky they were to hear the rumble. :L --Bullitt

That reminds me of the commerical on TV where the couple is trying to get some sleep but the neighbor is reving his engine in the driveway. Finally the husband gets up, opens the window, then gets back in bed. Both he and his wife smile while they enjoy the sound of the engine.

Why can't I find neighbors like that?

TC, I thought I nicknamed you Sparky, then you nicknamed me something or another, oh well, TC sounds better.

Love the pipes.
:L :L
"Sparky", This is true Chris, But Ken dug the TC , officially out of sig page where it had been hiding since I joined the forum.
Yours is "Mod Man" if you want it? ,by the way.

That is a very funny story redmist
This is a funny thread:s

I got the car"waay up in the air" and did a trial installation yesterday, as near as I can tell the headers are ready to just slip right on, I wont even take my bar of soap with me. A friend is comming to help get the bolts started. He's got a total original 59 283 ragtop 3sp sitting in his garage across the street. Its a awsome car, He bought it in 1961 when he was in college..2nd owner. Amazing.

Keith...I dont have to trim(notch) my rocker panels at all. Why some do, I dont know? Im happy I dont!

Ill be posting a description with pics of the install this weekend as usual.
Thanks all for the help and humor.
These are way cool TD locking hedder bolts! part#8836 for sb. Dont forget the Permatex ANTI-SEIZE#133k! RUMBLE RUMBLE!

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