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Why Don't Production Numbers Add Up?


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May 8, 2001
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1976 Bright yellow L82 4-speed
I have what may be a dumb question, but it has puzzled me for some time. I have a '76 Vette with a 4-speed. According to the production numbers, there were 46,558 Vettes built in '76. There were 2,088 built with the close ratio manual transmission and 36,625 with the turbo hydra-matic. That leaves 7,845 unaccounted for.

What else was there?

This is only my best guess


At first glance it does seem to be a bit odd.. but I think the explaination for this is that the "Close Ratio" was an option along with the Automatic while the old standard 4-speed was the standard equipment. I am probably in error with the number here but it comes to mind that the Std. 4-speed was a "T-10" or as GM called them the "4-speed 83mm"


I thought of that as a possibility, and you're probably right. However, the cost of the close ratio manual and the turbo hydra-matic are both zero, as if one or the other come with the standard package.

Oh well, I guess this makes a good trivia question for a Friday afternoon.

You guys are on the right track.

There were 3 transmissions available at no extra cost as long as they were paired with the right engine.

The M20 wide ratio standard 4 speed (7845 made).
The M21 close ratio 4 speed (2088 made and only available on the L82 engine).
The M40 Turbo-Hydra-Matic (36,625 made. This one cost $134. extra if ordered with the L82).

I hope this clears things up.

See this a lot. People will total up the optional transmissions and forget about the standard trans.

Racer78 said:
. .. ... What are the odds of a 20 something year old Vette, I mean the tipical driver you fiond for sale for say $8000 or so, having all matching numbers? :)

;) Rare81 ;)

I raised the question out of curiosity because I want to know everything I can about my own Vette. It's a hobby thing - I have no interest in selling it.


Thanks for setting the record straight. This makes a lot of sense.


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