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ZR-1 automatic / 1st time ZR-1 buyer



Hello all,
this is my first post; I appreciate this forum. :) I am dreaming of owning a ZR-1 and have been researching them. I have seen many ZR-1s listed for sale as being automatics (not on ZR sites though), yet I am only familiar with them as 6-speeds.

Forgive my ignorance, but is there such a thing as a ZR-1 automatic? If not, why would people (private and dealers alike) list them as such ?!?

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center.

The ZR-1 was never built with an automatic off the Bowling Green assembly line. However, there are 1 or 2 ZR-1s floating around out there that are equipped with an automatic transmission. I know at least one of them was specially equipped for the owner who has a disability.

A lot of private owners will advertise their Corvette as looking like a ZR-1, or with ZR-1 wheels, or ZR-1 emblems, etc. But.....if you really want to know if someone is selling a true ZR-1, do 3 things:

1. Look under the hood
2. Take a look at the doors, rear quarter panels and rear bumper (rear bumper has the tell tale 1 1/2" black spacer between the license plate and the backup lights
3. Look at the VIN #. The ZR-1's VIN number is unique to the ZR-1.
Hello Dutch,
Welcome to the CAC:)
I'm not sure why they would be advertised as automatics. Maybe they meant they will automatically empty your wallet:D
Seriously though, all 6,039 of them are 6-speeds. I can promise you that if you do decide to get one you will not be disappointed. You are definately doing the right thing by researching them first. That's exactly how I went about it. It makes it so much easier when it comes time to go test driving:) Let me know if you have any other questions......

Hi Guys,
thanks for the responses. Jay, I might just be taking you up on picking your brain in the near future.

Rob, is the unique ZR-1 VIN regarding the "J" for the LT5 or is there another tip-off?
The J is the engine VIN code for LT5 engine and the last 6 digits of the VIN number start with 800001 instead of the standard 100001.

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