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    Tires Again!

    I know this has been beat to death. The 16" SZ50 on my 87 have finally gotten hard as a rock, they've got to go. Who has any experience with the 255-50-16 G Force Sports? It's up between them and the Kumho Estca 712. The Kumho's on my brother in laws maxima were loud as heck so I'm a little...
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    Booster Repair Parts

    The booster diaphram has a cut in the edge. I took it apart and looked at it. I've searched the web and found a wholesale supplier. Has anyone found kits to repair a booster? All I really need is the diaphram. I've had it apart and it can be changed and put back together in 20 min. Not...
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    Identify J55 Calipers

    Does anyone know how to identify J55 calipers? I've see a pair and supposedly they are J55 calipers but they don't have any numbers I can reference. I measured the width inside from the machined surfaces, where the pads contact the outside and inside behind the pistons they measured 2 11/16...
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    2 Piston Caliper Brackets for 85-87

    Does anyone know a source for caliper brackets to mount J55 calipers on an 87? I found them at corvette central. Anywhere else? I want a one piece bracket. I've sent baer an email and they never answered. I think they use one on their Track kit. Thanks, JS
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    Guy got his wheels back!

    Got this from the fiero site, don't know why the guy didn't have locks if they were nice wheels. JS PROTECTING YOUR FANCY WHEELS Here’s a heartwarming story of good triumphing over evil. A fellow had installed fancy new wheels and tires on his sports car, but only got to enjoy them for...
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    87 Headlight Motor Twitch and brush assy

    I did a search and didn't find anything. My headlight motor "twitches" onces it gets all the way up. What tells the motor to shut off when it gets up? It sounds like it keeps trying to crank up again and again. I changed out the big gear, mainly to get the new bumpers the gears themselves...
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    Caliper Brackets/Adapters for 87

    I need some info: Does anyone besides Douge Rippie sell adapters to mount J55 brakes on early C4's? Are the brackets with the Baer Track kit custom made one piece? If there is a custom bracket, anyone seen them sold seperately and an idea about price? I know, get A-mold wheels and upgrade to...
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    13"rotor life

    Planning on installing C4 13" brakes on my 87 since I'm not going to get 17" wheels any time soon. How do these rotors hold up? A set of used parts will come with rotors. Am I wasting the shipping just to throw them in the trash because they are warped? Do the 13" rotors hold up better than...
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    Fuel Pump Tidbit

    Just thought I'd throw this out. If your fuel pump is getting on in age, I'll say near 150K miles think about trashing it before you end up waiting for a ride! I waited until the latter. I watched the guy do it since I was 400 miles from home. It took him 30 minutes to change and he had never...
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    Caliper Adapter Brackets

    I am looking for caliper brackets to put C4 13" brakes on my 87. I've seen them new at Doug Rippie for like $190 Used would be great since I'm more than likely going to use junkyard parts anyway. I've seen them new at Doug Rippie for like $190 I know C5 upgrade would get me more brake but I...
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    Front Brake Size

    What year did all C4's get 13" brakes? I might bid on some I saw on e-bay. Thanks JS
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    Brake Brackets

    I am looking for a set of brackets to put J55 brakes on an 87. Used is OK or some sources beside the usual corvette parts places. I know the C5 Brakes would be better but I have a line on the C4 parts and don't want to get a new set of wheels and tires now. Thanks, JS
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    Has anyone installed a set of injectors they got from 5-O motorsports? They have new bosh/ford design injectors on ebay and their website for @ $160. I think I would be better off replacing my 200k mile injectors instead of having them serviced. (I have a slow leaker and they are the orginal...
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    J55, ZR1 Vs GrandSport Calipers

    Anyone know it There is any difference in hieght between a GrandSport and ZR1, J55 caliper? I know the ZR1 calipers will fit under the Enkei wheels I have but I don't know if the GrandSport calipers have higher fins over the top. The clearance between the ZR1 parts and 16in wheels is very...
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    Washed Out Spedo LCD

    Is there a fix for a washed out LCD besides replacement? My speedo is to the point where the only way you can seen anything besides a totally lit up display is to put on your polarized sunglasses. If I can't fix the one I have might as well go for a reworked cluster? I've seen someone does them...
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