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1 injector not clicking 92 corvette


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Sep 5, 2020
Beaverton Oregon
92 base corvette
Hi all, I have a 92 base corvette that I just bought and my understanding is it sat for 5 years. It had a full tank of gas so I drove it home then put stabilizer in the tank. It has alway ran somewhat rough. I have changed the plugs, cleaned the injectors as seen in a u-tube video and helped some. Now all of a sudden its running real rough and I noticed one injector I couldn't feel it clicking. I pulled the connector off and there was a slight change in the engine but still no click so I assume its working. Is it clogged? Plus I noticed that the air pump is not working, can that cause the engine to run poorly? the only codes I am getting is a 24 and 26. Thanks for any help you can give.
DTC24 is a fault with your VSS. Does the speedometer work?

DTC26 is a fault with your #1 quad-driver which may explain the AIR pump not working.

Either of those codes will require some diagnostic equipment and the factory Service Manual to solve.

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