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160 Degree Thermostat



Being a South Texas boy (older than dirt, but still feel a young 55), I bought one of these 160 degree gadgets for my '94 thinkin that since it is Hotter than "Heck" down here, maybe it would help the engine run cooler. When I sit in heavy traffic (everyday), the gauge goes almost to the danger area. Maybe that's why I enjoy hitting the highway. Anyhow, anybody had any experience with the 160?

The 160deg stat by itself won't do anything for the high temp from what I found. Installed one in a 84 Vette. Just opens at a cooler temp. Went after a different temp sensor for the 84 to get the fan on sooner. That helped. They all get hot in heavy traffic...
MY92 runs about 193-196 when cruising. Stop in traffic and watch it climb. 225 or so the fans come flying on. Run the AC and at least the aux fan runs and it won't get that hot in traffic. HyperTec makes a perf chip that changes the fan on temp. It also recommends that 160deg stat you bought. You can also buy a fan override switch and just force the fan on.
vms4evr is right about the performance chip. I tried the same thing on a tuned port injected Trans Am I used to own. I installed the 160 without the chip & the temp just climbed when I was sitting in traffic. I popped a chip in, and that's when it really ran good.......

Thanks Folks

I do appreciate your time and courtesy. I'll give the sensor change a try. I will miss the outdoor cookouts. I come home from work and the wife cooks supper on the hood. Saves electricity.


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