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1984 security system



As I understand, my 84 is equipped with a factory secuity system. I accidentally activated it and drained down the battery trying to start the engine. Somehow, the security disables the ignition system, but still allows the engine to crank. I ended up unplugging the battery, and this reset the system.

How do you activate/deactivate the security system? Besides disabling the ignition system, what else does it do? Is there an audible alarm as well?
The factory system must be dis-armed by using the key to unlock the door.

When you leave the vehicle, you must activate the security system by locking the doors with the switch on the door, not the key. When you return, you must use the key to unlock the doors to de-activate the system. If you just reach in and unlock it with the switch, the alarm will not be disabled, and will think that an intruder is trying to steal your car. At least that's the way it is for an '87.

Hope this helps.
Ahhhh wait a minute

In my 84 ( when I had it ) there were switches in booth the doors for Lock (closed) and unlock (open)
this switch function was tied to the linkage in the door. So when you left the car you used the key to Lock it ( Arm ) and the key to unlock it (Disarm)
The security system was hooked up to a starter inhibit relay & to the horn relay.

Test condition

So you locked the car ( windows down ) and waited for the security light to stop flashing ( ARMED ) and reach in unlock the door manualy.... and BEEP-BEEP-BEEP etc for 3 or so minutes and it would reset while the beeping was going on the starter wouldn't complete the circut ( Relays behind drivers information panel) To the best of my information the ignition was not affected, it was the starter that was interupted, so the car SHOULDN'T crank... now I know alot of people have jerry rigged this setup ( took me 5 hrs to get my 88 back into sorts)

So do the horns work Normaly
Do the horns fire when you try to steal your own car?
Does the car crank while the horns are running?

The #1 problem is typically the lock switches
#2 the door pins not grounding correctly
#3 The logic circut that leaves the lights on for a min or 2 on exit of the car ( does this work?)
#4 BAD horn relay

Let me know
Mike, I am missing my power lock switches, some PO removed them. Only manual locks right now.

The ignition itsef is disabled on my '84, there was no spark when security is armed.

Thanks for the info guys, I know enough to go on now.

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