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95 exhaust



Hi, I am a first time corvette owner of a 1995 lt1 totally stock, and am looking into exhaust options. I would like a higher perf. exhaust than that of the stock. A little louder wouldnt hurt either. Muffler shop says stay with the stock. Does anybody have any suggestions?
Hi Matt, welcome to the CAC.
I currently have the Flowmaster system on my ZR-1. I'm impressed with the sound and performance, but not to impressed with the look of the exhaust tips. I personally like the B&B Tri-Flow system the best. The Tri-Flow system is a 3in. system. Most others are 2 3/4

Thanks for the info.
I was looking into the Borla Mufflers that have a good look and claim a much higher flow, I have priced them around 500. Is this a good system?
Why not consider muffler eliminators? They are MUCH less expensive, and if you like a performance sound I understand they have that. I plan on getting some for my '95.
The ads mention a performance gain especially if you have one of the aftermarket chips. My guess is that it will sound a lot faster, but not enough to notice in ordinary driving. You completely eliminate the mufflers, so there is less restriction. If you run a K&N airfilter which would let more air in, there should be some benefit.
Just a K&N filter, not the forced injection systems?
Is it simple, even for a new vette owner to change out the filter?
Those forced injection systems say that there is a required modification to the radiator shroud, think Ill just stick to the filter.
thanks for the help srmrvette.
I don't pretend to be an expert, but a performance engine has to be able to breathe. That means air in, exhaust out. Air filters and mufflers, while performing necessary functions, do hinder the breathing process. This is why some owners gut or remove the catalytic converters. I sure don't recommend this if like me you have to pass an enhanced smog test. A K&N filter will pass more air than even a new paper filter, and will help even with the stock exhaust system, and should help even more with the muffler eliminators. But the main reason I intend to go that route is because I like the sound of a powerful V8 engine, and they are a lot cheaper than performance muffler systems.
The eliminators may not be for everyone. You may want to go to www.corvetteforum.com , then go to C4 Tech/performance, and do a search on "muffler eliminators". They can lead to "popping" on deceleration, and there is a resonance question as well.
If you do it, let me know all about it. I won't be able to get mine on for at least a couple of months.
srmrvette said:
I don't pretend to be an expert, but a performance engine has to be able to breathe. That means air in, exhaust out.

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again -
"An engine is nothing more than an air pump." ;)

_ken :w
Cat Back

I have the Flowmaster cat-back system and am very happy with it. It is the least expensive of the cat-back systems. Simple bolt up installation.
iam looking into the flowmaster system for my 94 C4, the thing i keep hearing is that the resonance is mind numbing,has that been the case with you?
Check out Corsa or B+B triflow.
Been there

You should look at Corsa. They are straight through. You can roll a golf ball to the cat conv. They just sound great and add power. They remain civilized until you call on them. The front intake can be opened up with an open lid and K&N. Stock setup is 2 pipes into the resonator then 2 back out with baffles. Corsa is real dual with a small crossover. It pops and gurgles just right on deceleration.

Any forced air setup adds 5 HP at best over 50 mph. I have Corsa and SLP Claw. It does it for me.

3" systems are loud with resonance and don't help at all if your engine is near stock.
Flowmaster resonance

I had a pair of Flo Delta-40's on my last ride, a 93 Mark VIII (4.6L, 280 hp). There was definitely a sweet spot at a certain rpm that gave a considerable amount of resonance but it wasn't annoying.

I was however disappointed after installing them as they weren't loud enough for me.
Matt, I will hook you straight up!

My name's Dan, I have a '95 also. I pulled my original exhaust 2 years ago and went with Hooker shorties and 2 1/2" true dual with flowmasters. Then I screwed up and put Magnaflows on it. I just bought Hooker long pipes with 3 1/2" collector, 3" line straight dual into 2 stage flowmasters. Trust me, Matt, this is the way you want to go. Tear all the cats, pre's and all that s*** out of there and run 3" true dual into the Flows. From one 'vette lover to another, I promise you won't be disappointed :)


PS...you'll have to get a C.A.T.S. program to tell your OBD1 that you did this, or you'll have a constant "check engine" light because you lost all your O2 sensors, or you can install O2 bongs at the collector. Your choice.
I tried Borla, flowmaster II & III chambers. I don’t think I could have added enough sound dampening material to the inside of the car shut-up the resonance. It was bad!!!!!
Thankfully I kept my old mufflers and put them back on. Until I find something that has a proven dampening in resonance – the stock one will stay on. I have talked to Hooker, Borla, Flowmaster, and other manufactures. They all claim that the 95 exhaust, with an automatic trans is, and has been a major problem.
I have the Power Effects exhaust on mine and I like the sound a lot. I actually lost a little power in the bottom end with it, but since I don't race, I didn't worry about it much.

Forgot about the sound clip:

Right Click > Save As

I have the CORSA system on my 95, its quiet and has no resonance.
BUT!! I would never buy another CORSA product. I had major problems installing it, and CORSA never returned my calls.

Also, with the cat back system, a cooler therm, K&N filter, (Comes with the controversial air foil) Throttle body bypass and a fan over ride switch my timeswent from a 13.65 to a 13.3 (Actually 13.4 consistantly)

See my website for some how to pictures and the issues i had with my Corsa system.

Good luck!!!
i just got flowmasters

i just got flowmasters for my 96 LT1. they are quiet at idle, but once you give it the gas - they get loud. and a resonce at about 2000 rpm. they are less restrictive then the stock muffler. it sounds like a powerful sports car it is. interested in the dr gas x pipe. i won't recommend the muffler eliminator - too loud. i tried my echaust when we cut the stock mufflers off - too loud and not a great sound either. the shop that did mine - authorized flowmaster dealer was able to weld the zr1 tips that were stock on my 96 back on.
almost forgot

i have the slp three air filter system on mine. looks and works great . definate hp pick up there . and with the K&N air filters - you just clean and reuse them. remember a engine is just a air pump. the two easiest things to do - more air in, more exhaust out, equal more horsepower.

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