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auto to manual in my 76

what will happen?

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Feb 13, 2002
mobile,al,united states
Black 1976 STINGRAY cpe, T-tops
what do you guys think about this. i have 425hp in my 76 corvette with a 3 speed auto. i am about to put a 5 speed manual tranny in from a 97 camaro. i am also goin to change the rearend gears to either 3.90 or 4.11. do you think that the spindles, u-joints,yolks and everything in the rearend will hold up? im just not sure. of course you cant just drop the clutch with that much hp and trq. just give me some feedback. i will gladly accept any advice.
Go For It

If it's done right, there's no reason you can't dump the clutch, just don't put slicks on it and hold on!!! When I dump mine, I have to "peddle" it to hook up.:eek
This might seem odd coming from someone with a four speed but I would stick a decent converter in the tranny, manual valve body with a reverse shift patern, buy a good air shifter and go racing.

The 4 speed is difficult to get going and will never be as consistent as an auto at the strip unless you are a real expert. You also need a line lock to burn out and stop your car rolling out of stage on the line. That being said I have raced my car hard for the last three summers, leaving the lights with 4,000rpm showing on the tacho and surprisingly the rear end is still right where it`s supposed to be and in one piece. The downside was that the clutch lasted less than 5,000 miles. I fitted a twin plate clutch which has superb grip and doesn`t slip but it is a bit severe for normal road use.


thanks for the advice, but i really want to make this car ready for scca events. i dont really want a straight line car. ill run it at the track for sure but ill just do that for fun. i am about to put a racing suspension package in, so i really want this manual. what are your thoughts now that you know more what i want and what im goin to use the car for. i think if i go with a clutch that is just a little above stock then i can ride the clutch for a split second and then let off. but with the way the 76 rear suspension is set up, i dont know if it would hold well over 400 horsepower with a triple clutch and dropping the clutch. what do you think now. thanks
I'll go auto, next time

With the 550hp+ in my '84, I expect short life from the rebuilt Super T-10. I will replace it with a 'built' automatic, w/ O/D. Once upon a time, I'd never have had anything but a stick in my Corvettes; now the new autos transfer power better, take more HP and shift better than I ever will. Also, it allows me to focus more on other aspects, improving my driving.

Make sure the 5-speed will take the power from your engine, and expect a difficult fit; possible ongoing operational problems. I decided against the GM unit; was leaning towards the Richie 6-speed as a pal has, but was convinced that the stock overdrive would last. I liked the kickdown feature of the 4=3. I just did not know that my first gear limit, even with regearing, is only good to 325 ft.lbs.; well below my output!

Do and regret; or ask from knowledgeable types and DRIVE!

Save the wave!
Re: I'll go auto, next time

WhalePirot said:
now the new autos transfer power better, take more HP and shift better than I ever will

I think I agree here. If you want a reallife example, check out www.lingenfelter.com. He just ran his 427ci TwinTurbo C5 150mph @ 9.2s with a slushbox. Hard to argue that one! :bu

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