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Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
Some of us own other cars that we lovingly restore to their former glory, and sometimes that takes a while to accomplish that feat.

While we take our time so that we can do the job right, some people live in areas of this country that are subject to some insane laws governing the collecting and storage of these old cars while they are being restored. They want to enter your private property and take your cars to the crusher to destroy them. The same people that make the insane laws, and rigorously enforce them, also do not want you to touch anything on your car, they want to force you to have to take it to a certified "technician" for the simplest of tasks. They'd weld your hood shut if they had a chance.

We don't have to sit back and take it on the chin; you can fight back. The following is a list of organizations dedicated to help the preservationists keep the hobby alive. Please take the time and scan through it. If you want to help keep the lawmakers in line when it comes to our automobile hobby, take the time look into these fine organizations.
  • American Automotive Heritage Foundation
    PO Box 482, Carlisle, PA 17013-0482
    Phone: (717) 240-0976
    Fax: (717) 240-0931
  • Association of California Car Clubs
    PO Box 1331 Palm Desert, CA 92261
    Phone (619) 346-1984
    Fax: (619) 568-6534
  • Citizens Against Repressive Zoning
    PO Box 536, Hasslett, MI 48840-0536
    Phone (517) 351-6751
    Fax: (517) 339-4926
  • Classic Vehicle Advocate Group
    PO Box 2136 West Paterson, NJ 07424
    Phone (201) 881-8838
    Fax: (201) 279-3779
  • Clean Air Performance Professionals
    84 Hoy Ave Fords NJ 08863
    Phone: (908) 738-7859
    Fax: (908) 738-7625
  • Coalition for Auto Repair Equality
    119 Oronoco St Alexandria, VA 22314
    Phone: (800) 229-5380
    Fax: (703) 519-7747
  • Council of Vehicle Associations (COVA)
    7000 W Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge, IL 60645
    Phone (800) CARS-166
    Fax (708) 598-4888
  • Int'l Society for Vehicle Preservation
    PO Box 50046, Tucson, AZ 85703
    Phone (520) 622-2201
    Fax (520) 792-8501
  • National Motorist Association
    402 West 2nd St Waunakee, WI 53597
    Phone (608) 849-6000
    Fax (608) 849-8697
    e-mail: nma@motorists.com
  • New Jersey Vehicles Owners Rights Coalition (NJ VORC)
    c/o Jeff Duffett
    17 Larson Park Dr, Medford NJ 08055
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
    Auto Restoration Market Organization
    PO Box 4910 Diamond Bar, CA 91765
    Phone: (909) 396-0289
    Fax: (909) 860-0184
  • World Organization of Auto Hobbyists
    PO Box 1331 Palm Desert, CA 92261
    Phone (619) 346-1984
    Fax (619) 568-6534
(This list was reprinted with permission from "Old Cars Weekly")
The NMA kicks butt! Who else would help you fight this B.S. and fight speeding tickets? Hell, they even have a program where they pay differing amounts on those speeding tickets to offset your court costs, if any. Listen to Ken guys, do yourself a favor and support the organizations who look out for all of us.

Oh just try and come on my front porch to take my car away In 20 years..There will be words my friend LOL Strange laws made by strange people..

I sure am starting to feel fortunate to be where I live, No emission laws (Cept if its a TANK burning oil down the street) and No weird stuff like this..

One time they tryed to do the front license plate thing but after 2 years the people kept fighting and had it thrown out! So ya its possible ESPECIALLY around election time when its time to "buy" votes..I think sometimes thats why laws like this are made just to be used as a "Get out a jail card" around elections

Makes sense but it seems you guys are suffering from they're political games.

The MAN is trying to push the front license plate thing AGAIN!! Of course this is after I ordered one of the last original GM cover plates from Woodstock and had it painted.


But guess what they want it for!

Nope its not for Cops

Its for PHOTO RADAR!!! They want to be able to nail you BOTH ways!!! thats all! A money scamming POS program not even run by REAL police officers (Profit organization) is pushing to pass a LAW!! and whats even funnier THEY"RE gonna WIN!

Im going to go polish my cover plate I think it may look good as a mantle nick nack. Dammit!
First .............and fore.............they really don't want to come into my garage w/o probable cause.........I am more'n'likely gonna weld somethin' of theirs.............closed
In Massachusetts we went to two license plates severals years ago, so now you get two red ones. But the single plates were green and they still allow you to have those ,but if you sell the car without transfering to another vehicle they make you turn them in. Glad I have had a green plate for 12 years now and it's on the vette so no front plate for me :D
Damm the man up with minnie skirts.. ha anyway.. I dislike the man trying to control us and taking away our freedom... as for taking your car to a tech yes yes you should.. I need some money!
We are suppose to run a front plate here in VA too. I got my two plate set and being the law abiding citizen that I am I removed my front cover and tried to put on the plate. It was too big for the opening. So being the smart A$$ that I am sometimes I called DMV and asked them if I could cut the edges down to fit the opening. The lady said that I could not mutilate the plate as it was against the law. Well, I have asked for this in writing ( oh yeah that's going to happen) so when a cop stops me I can show him that I tried to be legal but can't break the other law to make the plate fit. Gee, I hope the judge will understand.:confused :confused
Yeah and people like Dean and Kerry keep on getting votes. Go on and elect another lefty and see who gets appointed to the EPA. It can only get worse.
Urgent Legislative Alert (Hearing Update)

I was handed a flyer today notifying automotive enthusiasts that the California Emissions Exemption Repeal Bill will be considered by the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday, June 29, 2004.
As you are aware, A.B. 2683, the California legislation that would repeal the state's current rolling emissions-test expemtion for vehicles 30 years old and older, passed in the California Assembly and will now be considered in the Senate.

The bill would repeal the current pro-hobbyist exemption and replace it with a law requiring the permanent testing of all 1976 and newer model vehicles.

A Senate hearing has been scheduled Tuesday, June 29. Even if you have called previously, please call members of the Transportation Committee immediately to request their opposition to A.B. 2683. It is important that you make your feelings known once again!

California Senate Transportation Committee
  • Senator Kevin Murray (Chair) - (916) 445-8800
  • Senator Tom McClintock (Vice-Chair) - (916) 445-8873
  • Senator Roy Ashburn - (916) 445-5405
  • Senator James Bruite - (916) 445-3688
  • Senator Liz Figueroa - (916) 445-6671
  • Senator Dean Florez - (916) 445-4641
  • Senator Betty Karnette - (916) 445-6447
  • Senator Bill Morrow - (916) 445-3731
  • Senator Don Perata - (916) 445-6577
  • Senator Jack Scott - (916) 445-5976
  • Senator Neil Soto - (916) 445-6868
AB 2683
If Passed would eliminate the 30 year rolling exemption from the biannual smog check and freeze it at the 1975 model year and before being exempt. All 1976 and newer motor vehicles would be permanently subject the biannual smog check. At this time A.B. 2683 has passed successfully through the Assembly and as of 5-27 is now in the Senate Rules Committee.


This bill recently has been amended by the author to add the following:

SECTION 1. (a) It is the intent of the Legislature, in enacting the act adding this section, to ensure that vehicles, of the 1975 model-year and older are permanently exempted from the biennial compliance requirement of the motor vehicle inspection and maintenance (smog check) program.

This language, although sounding positive, does not go far enough, and gives little and most likely no additional protection from the biannual smog check program for 1975 and earlier motor vehicles.

The A.C.C.C. feels this bill is an erosion of collector vehicle rights as was achieved in 1998, By S.B.42

Please Call your Senator and express your disapproval with S.B 2683

Our arguments are the same:
  • Existing law in California exempts all vehicles 30 years old and older from emissions testing, many states have a rolling exemption.
  • California's current emissions-testing exemption recognizes the minimal impact of vehicles 30 years old and older on vehicle emissions and air quality.
  • Vehicles 30 years old and older constitute a small portion of the overall vehicle population and are a poor source for emissions reduction.
  • Antique and classic vehicles are overwhelmingly well-maintained and infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle).
  • Legislators and regulators are feeling the heat from a failed effort to meet air-quality goals and are looking for a convenient scapegoat. The old car hobby should not carry the burden of their mistakes!
For more information and updates concerning California collector cars and the law, visit Association of California Car Club's website. Keep the old car flame alive! :v
Hey I live in New Jersey and I'm 17 and thought about buying a '87 Vette but I think you have to have a front license plate here but I'm not sure can someone clear this up? I refuse to have a front plate on a '87 or any other Vette that has a front piece thing.
Yes, you have to have a front plate in NJ. No, you can't get around that one. :( Just one of those things, I guess.
I live in CA and having front and rear license plates are required.

When I got my Corvette it had the front licens plate. The first thing I did was put the factory license plate cover and paint it to match the front of my 'Vette. See below.....

Screw those tax collectors with cameras!

Yes, you have to have a front plate in NJ. No, you can't get around that one. :( Just one of those things, I guess.

I have a friend who lives in NJ and he refused to mount the front plate and to have the private firms who do the emissions tests ruin his vette. For years he just told the cop who stopped him "Just write me the ticket officer" and he'd pay it. But after many years of the insane political atmosphere in New Jersey, he reluctantly has given up on his home state and packed up and moved to a southern state where the corrupted political in-office criminals are not so controling. Sad time in this country, Very sad. :puke

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