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Got my car back from the Dyno Shop...what a difference!!


sd pacecar

Brought the car in for a carb set-up and told them to do the whole deal. It turned out the mechanical advance wasn't working and the pick-up coil was rusted and useless. Well, they did the dyno tune up and what an incredible difference. The dyno sheet had me making 220hp and a broad, flat torque curve all through the rpm range. The compression came in at 160 pounds. All with 113k on the stock L82 motor!
I haven't felt this good about the car since I bought it! And my 700r4 actually downshifts properly. One more thing, my floor mat was sliding under the excellerator pedal, preventing the secondaries from opening up. Duh!!
You'd be surprised how many people have that hapening, or the linkage or cable isnt opening the secondaries properly. Always pays to check.. :)

It's hard to beat dyno tuning, what did you pay for it if you dont mind me asking?
I paid 521.00 even. That included new cap, rotor, plugs, advance kit, mechanical advance unit, bushings, magnetic pickup, jetting on the secondaries, compression check, vacuum check and a dyno run/printout. Well worth the money and I have spent alot on this car. I would recommend it to anyone.
Sounds pretty good. I have seen allot of people build a motor or swap in some performance parts and never tune it at a strip or anywhere at all, it's a shame to do that much work, or even for a stock vehicle, you never realize the full performance of your motor.

Did they give you a baseline dyno printout so you could see how much improvement there was?

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