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Happy New Year All.

Did any 67s come with Hurst shifters or was the Muncie 'T' shifters the only ones available? Also, did the 67 have a neutral safety switch on the clutch? Mine has a Hurst and it will start in gear. I noticed that the underdash harness has been chopped and there was a couple kill switches put in and disconnected at some point (large purple wire that usually goes to a neutral safety swich is hacked-up). Thanks.
Shifters ect.

The stock shifter with the "T" handle reverse lock out was the only one offered by Chevrelet. Lots of these cars have had Hurst shifters in them from very shortly after they were delivered though. There was no neutral safety or starter interupt switch on the shifter or the pedals in stick cars. Nader hadn't gotten this far yet in '67. There was a neutral safety switch in the powerglide cars. The wires may be in your harness but not used. You would be better off to buy a reproduction under dash harness and get rid of the mess someone left you. Fire prevention is the biggest consideration.

interior restoration

I am going to start an interior restoration in a week or two. The harness will be replaced soon.

Is it possible that this shifter is stock or will it have to be replaced? It is just a regular shifter w/out the reverse lockout. It has a white ball on it with the shift patter. It looks just like the shifter that came in my 67 camaro. I like the way the 'T' handled shifter looks better, but I don't want to replace this one if it is original.

No neutral safety switch? Ha. Now I have a good reason not to let anyone start it but me.

Thanks for the quick response.


'67s all had a "T" handle reverse lock out with a chrome shift ball. The shift pattern was only on the console plate. The "T" handle started in '59 and continued to the last 4 speed in '81. The only sticks without the "T" handle were the somewhat rare but not desireable 3 speed cars. The 3 speed was available on base engine cars for the last time in 1969. Of course the 3 speed shifter will not work on a 4 speed.

Wealth of Info

Thanks Tom. Looks like I will have to locate a new shifter.

Can you recommend any books for interior restoration or total restoration of a 67 corvette?
'67 books


This should get you started.

From the NCRS Bookstore www.ncrs.org get these (as well as a membership):

NCRS 1967 Corvette Technical Information Manual and Judging Guide 3rd Edition

'53-'67 NCRS Pocket Spcifications Guide

The following NCRS Resto & Maintenance Encyclopedias:
1963-67 Interior & Special Interest
1963-67 Mechanical Vol 1 and Vol 2
1963-67 Exterior
1963-67 Chassis

A copy of the Chevrolet Corvette 1967 Chassis Service Manual (same as the dealers use)

The 1967 AIM (Assembly Instruction Manual) This is the book used on the assembly line at St Louis.

The Complete Corvette Restoration & Technical Guide-Vol. 2 by Noland Adams. I'm sure the new printing has been released by now.

Also there are many other restoration and other Corvette books of value for sale through the Corvette Action Center at Amazon.com . The CAC gets a little share of the sale to help offset our expenses if you buy books or other stuff there through the link here.

Get to know Al Knock interiors well. http://www.alknochinteriors.com/welcome.htm
I'm told that they are the best for accurate restoration parts.

Also get to know Steve at SS Autosport, www.ssautosport.com one of our community venders. Not only is he a nice guy (so I'm told) but very knowledgable and can get you whatever you need at great prices. He has done his share of restorations and knows all. Probably more than Madam Zelda.

Catalogs to get are:

Paragon Reproductions www.corvette-paragon.com . They have parts that knowone else does.

Volunteer Vette Products www.volvettew.com (Steve is a dealer)

and others like Ecklers, Mid-America, Corvette Central, Chicago Corvette ect. are also good to have for reference.

Can't have too many catalogs you know.

Looking forward to watching your progress,
The NCRS on-line store doesn't have the just-reprinted Noland Adams books yet. Both Vol. I ('53-'62) and Vol. II ('63-'67) have just been released, and are available direct from Noland at nolandadams@d-web.com ; $73.00 each including shipping, and he'll autograph them if you like. These are "must-have" for your essential technical library.

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