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LT1 in a C3


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Apr 2, 2001
'74 Yellow/Tan int '96 Black/Black int LT4
I am looking at replacing my 170,000 mile L48 stock 350 (auto Th350). Was gonna go crate engine 350HO but found an LT1 engine out of a 1995 for a good price, what to do? Figured I'd come over to the other side and ask the C4 dudes. A 74 Stingray with a 95 LT1, just sounds good to me.

Wamp '74
Once you go c4, you don't go back

Wamp said:
Figured I'd come over to the other side and ask the C4 dudes.
:D Come to the dark side, Luke. I'm your father. hehe :L
If the price is good...
...get it.

I have that engine and am very pleased with its performance.

C V Man

heard that engine is 405hp, it comes with everything, all wires and computer. I wanted to stay away from computer cars cause I really enjoy working on the engine. I dont recall ever seing an LT1 engine, does it look like the LT5? What transmission do you have? my only concern is if it will fit, A C-4 looks wider.

As for dark side, yes it is! C-4's have the performance but the looks are still with the C-3's.

wamp '74

Interesting thought, How much?
This months Vette Mag is going to drop a LS-1 in a 76...
I think it could be done However your gonna have to do ALOT of fab to make it fit, It won't be a boltup like a crate motor.

How many miles on the LT-1?
And what else are you getting? The full CAR harness ( or just the engine harness )? tranny, pipes. ETC? a 95 has a CCM too! which gets in the way of the starter wiring, it might be easier to buy a harness from TPI or Painless ( less stuff )

Do you have AC in yours currently, and does it work?

The BIG problem with these cars...down the road.. if you sell it...you have a LIMITED number of people that would buy it. Just a thought.

Cooling thoughts

Will the C-3 rad be enough to cool this bad boy..

And all that fan work...yikes!

The reason it's know as the DARK SIDE...is when your crawling out from under the car your drenched in pure evil slime,

Your Father wanted you to have this...when your old enough!

BTW do you want to sell the old engine?????

Been there done it several times (just not in a vette). I must tell you that even if you get the LT1 for free, by the time you buy the support systems (wires, computer/chip or programming, accessory brackets) etc. you will have a ton of $$$$ in it. Although it is cool, by the time you spend that kind of $$$$ you could make your current small block easily push over 400 hsp and do it much faster and easier.

It will fit in the car, and even bolt to the same motor mounts. The exhaust manifolds/headers will fit the exact same way.

You will have to fabricate a good high pressure fuel system (see the pics of my high pressure fuel system for the 69), find a place for the puter and tie it all together.

If you do this, make sure and get with me as I can point you in the direction of several people that make electronic support material to get the LT1 to live in your C3.
i say go for it,i did a tpi setup in my 73 and love it.No big deal on the electric fans,i used a dual flexalite setup with a controller to set it at whatever temp i want it to come on at.Im still using my stock radiator also.
You may have been misinformed about the LT-1 hp rating. Is this engine stock? You will be disappaointed if you expect 405 out of a stock LT-1.
The base 1995 LT-1 rating is 300 hp. Even if you had a LT-4 from a 1996, I think it would be around 330 hp.
405 hp is ZO-6 hp.
I think 69myway has a very good point. With much less than the conversion cost, you could make powerful rebuild or nice crate.
Just my opinion - it's your car and you will be the one to live with your decision.
old old post

That was posted in 2002, No dark side yet! I am still undecided. I have a 327 out of a 65 vette sitting in the garage, it's old camel hump heads and closed valve covers are the hold up from putting it in, plus not knowing what the last person did to it, Cam and internal components. Always wanted a crate engine and a strong 700R4 for it but since buying a newer vette and a house remodel this project has been pushed to the back burner. I did put a 350 in a 1957 jeep, that was fun!

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