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Naming my Vette


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Apr 5, 2004
Jacksonville, Fl
'81 dark blue
You guys that have names for your rides have me thinking. I just call it the Vette. Gail, Black Dog, Rare, etc. So what do I call mine? It runs great but needs carpet, seat covers and paint (badly). So I was thinking, "Old Ugly"? No, that's what they call my gun! Crusty? The paint is peeling off in chunks and I am an old sailor. Slick? It does seem to do that to tires, and I may actually have it painted some day. Decisions, decisions...

God bless, Sensei
How about Blue Streak...
Its blue and a corvette!!!!:D:D
How about Daniel-san....like from Karate kid? I don't know...just reaching.:D
How about "Old Blue".....since you do have that good dark blue exterior color. My wife named our Raven.....don't know why she picked that but it stuck, and it pleased her.
My family never named vehicles. It wasn't until I met my wife (back in high school) and her sister that I even knew people did that sort of thing. Well, we never named the 76 Stingray we had, but we had a name for the 73 almost immediately. Her name is Lola, because whatever Lola wants, Lola will get ;)

Or maybe


I ended up giving my C5 my nickname...PhilBilly or FilBilly (what's on the plate)....for Filipino Hillbilly...
nickname I have had for years thanks to some great Navy buddies, who had never met a Filipino from the great Arkansas countryside....

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