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Noise In My Rear Axle



Thanks everybody for the input:)

Mike, if it's the studs I have to hear the click/snap constant while driving.
There's no sign of the u-bolts hitting the rear end housing.(again I'll have to hear it constantly).

Ron, I have seen your problem at a 1982'r of a friend of mine, we had to change the sattelitehousing. But the rear end of a 1980-1982 is different from one till 1979, like Mike said.

Just some additional info.

I hear the snapping click when I put torque on the rear by put some gas on while I'll keep the brake on (not the parkingbrake). While giving some extrta gas
it gives a couple of click or snaps after eachother.
Also when I let the car roll on idle speed in D (just a couple of meters)and then while rolling changing it to R I hear the click/snap again.

While driving there is no problem. Only when I let go of the gas (and in stead of the driveline is driving the wheels, the wheels are driving the driveline) I hear the click again. When I let the car roll out at a trafficlight and stop and when I give a little gas to drive away again, I hear the click/snap again.

It drives me mad. If no one have any clues or has experienced the sam problem. I'll have to tare the whole rear apart again:confused but that will be in november or so.

Also the GM dealer doesn't know what the problem is.

Hopefully there's anyone who had the same problem and can help me solve this strange problem.

Bye Rene

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