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Noise in my rear is fixed!


Dave L.

The noise in my corvette that sounded a plinking noise has been fixed!It was play in the companion flange that attaches to the spindle.It turns out there was wear in the splines.A product made by loctite to fill worn splines in heavy duty equipment did the trick.I also had my upper and lower control arms bead blasted and painted with new rubber bushings and ball joints.A new set of vette brake springs was also added. I brought her home today and she drives mighty nice!I can't wait for some more warm weather.I just thought I might share some of my joy with you all.Happy motoring.:w

...also, if you don't eat beans, you won't get any noises in the rear. ;)
Re: Yea!

78SilvAnniv said:
...also, if you don't eat beans, you won't get any noises in the rear. ;)

Dangit, you beat me to it.:L:L:L

But seriously folks, it's sounds like your going to have some good times this summer with your invigorated baby!:upthumbs

- Eric

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