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Plastic Wiper Area Cover


Roy M

Just purchased one of these and the fit sucks. Seems like it is in a bind when I go to fasten it with the two-sided tape. The only way that I can get a good fit is to remove the stop for the wiper arms. Has anyone successfully installed one of these and also if I remove the stop, will that cause any problems.

I have thought about installing one of these on my '75. I would be interested to know who you purchased this item from (without trashing whoever it was). I may want to try a different vendor.
I bought it from Corvette Central. The price was $49.95. I think that is about the going price from all the vendors. Also, I would bet that the part is the same from all the vendors. I don't think that it is their fault whatsoever. Think it will fit without any problem with the stop for the wipers removed. Will find out tomorrow and post the results.
I also bought mine from corvette cen., what I did was to put 2 slots in the cover to let it go inside the wiper stop, I used a dremel tool with a tube shaped burr, it works OK, although it moves a little bit when the wipers are running, I'm not sure how critical the stop is for the proper functioning of the wipers, I would ask for advice before I'd cut it off. Just my .02 :w
I did the same thing panhead did, I cut slots to fit it around the wiper stop. I installed it on my old '79 and it fit very well. I do not remember who I bought it from though. I would recommend not removing the wiper stop!
Installed one on my car, cut a slot for the wiper slot. I like it.
I have a 1980 and I purchased my cover from Eckler's. I removed the wiper arm stop with no problems at all with the wiper function. I used velcro strips instead of double faced tape. Mine looks great and doesn't move at all.
Just finished the installation. Cut a slot for the wiper stop and then fastened with four screws. Did not think the two sided tape was strong enough for a good fit. Still get a little movement of the cover where the wiper arms are attached to the motor but very miminal. Happy camper now. On to other stuff.
Thanks for all the replies.

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