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Post pictures of your C3

1980 L-48 auto dark brown/doe skin. 60,000 miles 2 owners.
C3 Picture

I have had this 1979 for 15 years. Original miles = 42K
New foam and leather by Al Knoch.
Best investment I made for this car.
Here's a shot of "The Toy" that was selected for September in the 2005 C3VR Member's Calendar. Here's a couple of others (click on them to see bigger versions):

Just got back a week ago. Putting back together now, couldn’t resist the thread. A lot of real nice cars posted.
Wheel and Tire size

Great looking car. What size tires and rims do you have on it??
The tires are 255/60SR15 Firehawk INDY 500, is a Performance All-Season tire. You can get these tires for $79 at Tire Rack. I found local dealers who would match the price and delivery charges that apply.

Wheels are stock 15 inch aluminum.
It's my bro's but I helped him with most of it and built most of the custom stuff for it like the rear suspension.





Good *Lordy* Twin.. :eek :BOW

Is that thing ready (and legal) to drive? Looks awesome from the pics..

Nice looking collection of C3's :)

here is the last pic of the engine after much work:


When the new motor goes in I will update the photo. I ordered new red ignition wires today, I don't know why the mechanic chose blue wires, I never did like them and there was nothing blue on the car. Maybe thats a girl thing.


Here she is at the Cancer fundraiser, I am sure I am only parked where I was because I got there so early!!


For sure a 20' with the paint until the old neighbor backed into the drivers door.I guess this will get updated when she gets painted. Someday!
Here is a Memory Pic of our ’69 L-71. It was taken by the original owner in August of ’69.

75 L-82

This car now has a set of the '76 slotted alloys on it. I would never again do a lacquer paint job. It's getting weathered now after about 10 years. Next time it's a simple two-step with clear coat.


The engine compartment.

69 Tri-power

Posting pic of my 400hp a/c coupe....34K orig miles.....love those side pipes!

cheviss427 - the link you posted connected to your photobucket account instead of an individual photo, so I selected one to post here for you.

Nice Sharks!
:wJane Ann

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