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My son keeps complaining that he is getting thrown around during cornering and his neck is getting sore. He has ripped out the armrest twice.
So of course after restoring the original seats I have to put them on ebay and find some with more butt, rib cage and head support.
I think I've settled on the Sparco Sprint seats but am confused on the mounting options.
Even though they are fixed back seats they offer a tilt mounting bracket. It looks pretty flimsy so I was wondering if anyone else has installed aftermarket fixed back seats and what their mounting experience was.
Also has anyone installed a 4 point harness? If so where do you anchor the shoulder straps to?

Here is what I have learned in my research.

Corbeau makes a nice street/race seat that has an adjustable back rest and offers seat tracks so it will bolt straight into the vette. The A4 is the most narrow seat they make. It comes with pass through holes in the back rest for a four point harness.

They are about $350 a seat and it is about $60 for the seat track. I have not bought mine yet, but they are on the wish list when I get to the interior. What I like about them is that fact they will bolt to the stock floor mount holes, will adjust forward and back, and the back of the seat will adjust. They don't recommend them if you have greater than a 36" waste line.

They come in cloth, but for a ton of extra money can be covered in leather. Since very few old sharks have cloth, I kind of think that will be a cool way to go (really cool on the rear end after the car has been sitting in the sun all day).
I have Recarco seats and they are pretty good. They are also cool to sit in.:cool :cool
Nice seats, mucho dinaro. Did you install them? What model did you get?
I'm checking out Chris' suggestion as well. The problem I have been facing is seat width. A lot of the seats have this very broad head shoulder area which won't fit in my 78. I also had to widen the trans tunnel area about 1/2 inch on each side which has further limited my options. Luckily I'm still a 33 waist so I can fit into the small/medium seats but I need a wider shoulder area. A lot of seats I couldn't get dimensions for such as the NEX seats.

I think my model is called "avus" and I don't know if they still make them or not. They were in the car when I bought it so I don't know how much they cost. They do however fit like a glove but are not adjustible as far as front to rear movement. The backs are adjustible however.
Here's a few links to keep you guys busy. These guys mostly advertise in Porsche magazines, so you might be able to find some more there. --Bullitt
Man, that's a massive blow-out sale at SpeedWare Motorsports! :eek

I want the Recaro office chair though! :D Where's Santa? :L

_ken :w
Hi resto75,
Nice seats.
This seats are readily available in Europe on the second hand market. They where factory installed in a lot of Opels, like the Manta B and in Fords, like the Capri.
I tried last winter to install a set into my 68 BB convert.
Your right, they fit well, but can't be moved fwd or aft as they are hard against the tunnel.
I'm now in process of modifying them, meaning I try to make them a bit more narrow to keep this fwd/aft movement, since I need to recover them anyway.
The problem is, recovering them in leather costa as much as buying new seats of a other brand, but it's still the way I will go.
Thanks for the pics.

Sorry, Ken
For right now, I just deleted the pics. I need some more time to find out how your system of posting pics works. On other forums, just showing the car seems to be apreciated.
Hey Gunther, that's a beautiful Shark you have there, but I gotta remind you, that's why we have the "attachment feature", and the "Members Rides" section. Try to keep the load time and space limitations in mind when posting pictures please. ;)

_ken :w
redmist said:
My son keeps complaining that he is getting thrown around during cornering and his neck is getting sore. He has ripped out the armrest twice.
ROFL!!!! :L :L :L Well....I guess nobody could call your Corvette a "trailer queen"! :L :L

Reminds me of the drive I took last weekend. A friend of mine was in town visiting and he wanted to go for a ride in the Vette. I casually cruised around town, letting the car warm up and being the absolute model of civility.
I eventually approached a huge, wide open 4 lane stretch of road that just opened near my home. As I rolled on the road, I punched it and flew through the gears winding up to about 5500 rpm before shifting.

I never saw anyone grab the door handle, stiffen up and the color drain from their face so fast. All I kept hearing was...."oh my God.....oh my GOD......OH MY GOD!!!! OK OK.....ENOUGH!!!!" :L :L

hehe....another successful passenger conversion. :D

By the way, those pictures of the maroon '69 above are AWESOME!!!
Beautiful Shark, dude!

Really sweet ride you got there, Gunther. :cool I like the black sidewalls on the tires, 'cause it gives it that street fighter look. To add onto the seat issue, I'd like to say that if any of you guys find a set off a late model Trans Am at a good price, get them! I had a 1989 Anniversary GTA with leather and those seats kicked some major butt. They reclined, had an adjustable bladder for the side bolsters, had tilt, headrest adjustment, leg adjustment and move forward and aft. Though the leather eventually will wear on the side bolsters, the seats are some of the best that are offered on the market. The prices can get up in to the nose bleed section, but maybe you can find a good deal on ones that need some repair. I'm not sure when they started getting put into the Trans Am, but they are still used today. The Camaro has a similar seat, but I think the Trans Am ones look better. --Bullitt

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