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Strut Rod Bushing - Removal and Installation


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Oct 11, 2008
Caldwell, ID
75 Corvette Coupe, 383 Stroker
I recently sent out my Trailing Arms to Vette Rx in Conifer, Colorado for rebuilding. These guys seem to be real pros in the C3 suspension area and their prices are right.

As part of the job I decided at the last minute not to buy rebuilt strut rods with poly bushings and simply replace my old bushings with OEM GM rubber. I know there is a lot of controversey whether poly or rubber is better but that's for another Forum.

Question: can anybody recommend some ideas of how to remove the old bushings and install new ones in the struts? I thought perhaps some sockets from my tool box and a vise will do. What's your thoughts? Thanks.
Use a propane torch to burn out the old rubber. Burning rubber stinks, so do it outside. Use a brake cylinder hone to clean up. If you're going to paint the struts, the time to do it if after the old bushings are out and before you put in the new.

Lightly lube the new bushings and bores and install them. Mine were snug, but did not need a press.

It doesn't hurt to clean up the shock mount surfaces while you're waiting for the arms to be returned.

Almost a Miracle!!!

Mike thanks so much, you’re brilliant!! It came out easily as you said. I found that if you simply heat the metal sleeve inside the strut bushing, the rubber immediately around the sleeve melts allowing you to almost pull out the bushing with no effort. Apparently, when they are factory installed there is no outer metal sleeve. Consequently its rubber against the strut, melt the rubber - out comes the bushing. The replacement GM bushing I believe has an outer metal sleeve this is why I thought I had to take it to machine shop.
Pressing In the Bushings

Installing the new rubber bushing requires some elbow grease, WD40 and a vise. Use a socket to press them into the struts and place two pieces of metal at the other end around the strut end to allow the bushing to push all the way through.
Trailing Arms Rebuild

:happyanim:I just received my rebuilt Trailing Arms from Vette Rx, in Conifer, Colorado. They look great, Vette Rx is the real deal for advice, information and getting the job done right.

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