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Time For a Radiator (81)


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Jan 23, 2003
Glenolden Pa
1981 White/ Red int.
Been a while since I visited (hope all is well) I now need a radiator!
Auto Zone, Advanced Auto etc are only offering the aluminum/plastic tank rads for my 81 ($260.00 w/lifetime replacement) and I actually have one of those in my 1988 F250 diesel for several years that has been working great. But, unlike my Vette and if needed, the truck is very easy to change out.
Any feedback on the aluminum/plastic Rads for our Vetts would be appreciated.
I would rather NOT deal with 'mail order' as shipping usually messes dedicate items-up and I don't want to deal with a shipper/seller BS about a damaged item.
Also, somewhat local radiator shop will recore my OEM brass/copper rad for $600 but only ONE year warranty > > > one-year warranty is not acceptable!
Thanks for any feedback!
I had mine redone a few years ago(450.00)
I did have a another I got from a local parts house.you might want to check with someone local other than auto zone of advance auto.or thry one of the corvette parts suppliers.
good luck.
If it's a good shop a recore should last as long as an original regardless of the warranty. Dewitts aluminum radiators are extremely popular with the restorers but they are not cheap. I think you have already answered your own question with your experience with the aluminum/plastic tank/lifetime replacement warranty for $260.00. You know they will last and the price/warranty is hard to beat. Make sur the bottom hose in in place before dropping the radiator in. It's a real sob to change without lifting the radiator up.

Advance Auto gave me a discount for an out the door price of $245.00 (still a lot for a Chinese plastic aluminum rad) but again, the lifetime warranty and walk-in/walk-out saved me from any shipping drama.
It's in a so far so good.
Also... I took my original brass copper rad from the Vette and the huge brass copper rad from my F250 Diesel to the scrap yard and walked out with $153.00

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