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worthy mods?


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
I'm in the quest for mods, any of the following worth doing?

Hypertech Power Programmer III?

Accell 300?

315's in the rear as opposed to my 285's?

Hi flow cats?

So far my only intended mods are K&N, TC, and performance mufflers. Eventualy Id like to get heads and LT4cam but taht is a bit down the road.


Autocross safely, I mean drive safely.
If you want more hp,
I'd suggest the exhaust
first out of what you
listed. Problem there is
that you might think it's
the free-flow exhaust is
too load. I am also partial
to the LT-1 tips.

Changing to 315's might help
a bit to launch you at the
drags but I would think slicks
would be much better than street
tires. I doubt 315 street tires
would help much at all.

Plug wires might help a little, but
I think you need the MSD-6AL multi spark
system to realize better spark.

As for Hypertech--mine is probably a complete
waste. Wait to get this until you have a lot
of mods and then it will help you if you put
in a program tailored specifically to your mods.

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