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    YeeHaw!! Got this thing fired up tonight, first time it has jun since last July. Got a long way to go before its on the road, but at least it makes noise now. Fired forst time I turned it over. Set Static timing, 10 gallons in the tank, filled the carb and it fired up and idled.
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    Distributor Parts??

    Any ideas where to find distributor parts for my 81? The connectors inside crumbled when I took it apart. Thanks
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    Post for Big Bird

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    Serpentine brackets needed

    Looking for the brackets for the serpentine setup for C4 PM me if you have, Thanks Danny
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    OK, I am on hold a few days on my car waiting on a few parts. Anyone got a problem on yours I can solve?;LOL
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    New Guy Here

    New guy in here. I am a member on other Vette forums and have found them to be Very helpfull. I have an 81 about 1/2 way done thru a Frame Off Restomod. I have worked thru Suspension, Brakes, Birdcage rust, destroyed front clip and a bunch of other stuff. I try to contribute at least as much as...
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