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Did Modified Plenum and Inj. Housings!!!!



Not on mine (yet), this was on a buddies '90. We started bolting her back together about 10am and we were done by Noon. She fired right up and sounded SCHWEET!! I need this mod soon! Nah, I need gears first!:) I highly recommend this mod though.

Sounds very interesting :)

What were the modifications done to the Plenum and Inj. Housings and who did them
They were just ported. The porting was done in Georgia somewhere, I forgot who he said did it. We also put on a 63mm throttle body. I love going under the plenum, its alot easier to pull than it looks.
The work was probably done by Aaron Scott at South Georgia Corvette. Aaron is an excellent LT5 tuner. My siamese plenum is at Greg Van Deventer's shop in Stillwater,having a set of injector housings match-ported. Greg is one of the best around,too.
Are you guys going to dyno the beast to see what kind of improvements you got from the porting? Doug Rippie wants $2K for Porting, 62mm , chip and air filter lid. He claims 415 H.P and 390lbs of torque. Is that too expensive for the job? CANZR1, I agree with you, I'd rather get the gears first. I was thinking 4.10's how about you?
4.10 gears are a great mod. the Dana Viper Super 44s are the way to go but I heard they may have stopped producing them. if you have a stock engine, 4.27 or even 4.56 might be better.

more power or nitrous coming??? stay with the 4.10s IMHO.

2K is a pretty standard price from DRM. I would check with Greg as Cliff did as he's who many use for their head porting (cut out the middle man!!!)

Cliff, what did he charge to siamese the intake??

I also heard that John Stewart is working on a new intake, might be better than porting/siamesing the stocker.

any update there Cliff??? I will call John too.

Yeah, it was Aaron who did the porting. We will probably dyno at BG this year, I know I am!:D I'll prolly do 4.10's but I am trying to get this set of 4.30's I know about, but so far the guy won't part with them!:( I need to get my @ss in gear(pun intended) and get this done before BG.:)

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