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Headers --- Need suggestion---



I have a 1980 350 L48 4speed and I have decided to take the fine advice I have received in this forum.

I plan to start with Headers and a true dual exhaust system as a first step <God only know- not the last> in increasing performance while retaining dirveability
<no 411 rear end> ?:)

Please reply is you have suggestion as to Headers for this small block 190 HP <currently> fun machine.

Coared? no coating:

PS. Local shop says I do not need Cats since the car is an 80 model....

Thanks in advance Adthanksvance

green with jealousy!

I have been wanting dual exhaust forever! I will have to be sneaky to get it though...

Myself, I don't like to mess with headers because of the problems I had in college with them constantly 'eating' gaskets! However, many people like them, and I can't deny...they have a distinctive sound! I have heard many reccomendations regarding the ceramic or coated headers. I'd definitely check it out...

Check out the thread "Headers Yes/No????" a lot of good information from the replies. Also catalytic converters were stock on my 79...:bang

Ok here we go, definately coated, the coated headers keep a lot of the heat inside as the coating adds insulation value. Use only quality metal gaskets and torque the bolts to the correct value. Header bolts should be self locking. Summit and Jegs have an excellent selection at the right price. Call and talk to a counter person to make certain that you get the correct set for your 80 corvette. To go true duals you will most likely have to trim out the transmission crossmember on the left side as the current pipe passes to the right side in a cleft made into the crossmember. If it is done correctly the strength of the member will not be lessened. :J

Thanks to all

What a place !!

You ask a question - you get great answers.

Every time I asked my Dad a question....he told me to look it up MYSELF..

Thanks All
I run the dynomax coated headers I got from jegs 209 dollars have had them on for well over a year with no problems and the coating looks great and the price is right

Hi everyone,
Like John, I installed Dynomax coated headers. They look great and went on in a few hours. I also used the Stage 8 bolts with locks. They look cool and prevent the bolts from backing out. I have hooked all of this to the dual exhaust system that Mid America offers as "off road" exhaust. The Dynamax mufflers as the same size as the original. The sound is EXCELLENT through a 2-1/2" system. The response is instantaneous. Now my Black '79 sounds and runs as good as it looks.

you need cats as required by fed law. don`t leave home with out them. tell your local wrench he`s stupid and can get your car impounded for removing the cats. ever hear of random tech? the make super flowing cats.
I guess that depends on where you live. I've never even HEARD of anybody getting stopped for a random check of emissions equipment in any of the 3 states that I've lived in durng the last 12 years.
Re: headers

You need cats as required by fed law... ever hear of Random Technology? They make super flowing cats.

Black Shark has the right idea; there's no need to compromise emmisions with today's technology. Hell, they even have mufflers that deliver more performance than open exhaust nowadays (see the article entitled "Brooklyn Bridging - How Exhaust Crossovers Affect Power" in the June issue of Hot Rod magazine).


well sir, until this year fl had an inspection that included LOOKING underneath the auto to SEE the cats.
also in nj,ny,ca and many others. its not a states law its a fed law.do what you want i did.- but i`ve got two cats under the car. they don`t hurt power(random tech) that is.check your owner man. it will state in there and te under hood sticker also. as of 1975 all autos, using gasoline, sold in the USA will use unleaded gas, and cats will be destroyed by leaded gas. now we are going into oxegenated gas.what the hell will that bring? i may remove my cats now that fl doesn`t even have a inspection system. to each his own.

I have been told that in Texas - if the car is over 20 years old that Cats are not required on the vehicle. This is a moving target that I presume will will end at some point in the near future.

Any notions to the contrary?


i don`t know who the who is, but better check with a legal authority prior to making a mistake. you have been advised. don`t make me hurt ya now. don`t listen to ANYONE that does not have the law book in their hand.
The LAW !!!

I contacted the DPS <State Troopers> they inform that if Cats were items mandated and sold at the time of ORIGINAL delivery of the vehicle <they were> then they are still required - and will remain so etc etc etc.
Looks like the side pipes are out of the picture and the High Flow Cats are in.

Thanks to all for your input

Bang, coated headers will work better for you, I base this on years of racing, although I am a big block guy the header rule caries over to small blocks. The coating will keep the heat inside the header and make the exhaust flow better.
Being a licensed inspector in Dallas, cats are NOT required for vehicles 1983 and older in the state of Texas. It is illegal for a muffler shop or repair facility to intentionaly remove a cat without re-installing a NEW one if the vehicle came into the shop with a cat on it. However, if the vehicle (83 and older) was brought into the shop without any exhaust on it, it does NOT have to have a converter re-installed. Sidepipes are 100% legal 83 & older.

I recently checked with the local department of motor vehicles and in Maryland if the car had them on there when it left the factory, they have to stay. If I want to register and have the car inspected to carry street rod plates I am restricted to 5000 miles or less per year. Now for the best news. Jegs has small cats for $50 each. They pass inspections in all the states. They also had the best price on the Dynomax headers and Stage 8 bolts. Now I'm sounding good and stayin' legal.:J
I just priced a pair of Heddman hedders and they will cost me around three hundred for smog legal.
I have never installed hedders in a car with a y-pipe, only a true dual exhuast car. I had a 72 coupe that I put them on and it was a bit of work, nothing that was too difficult. I used factory exhuast gaskets, but doubled them up and never had a leak or blow out. Go for it.
So whats up?

BANG: So what have you done?
Did you get some headers?
How did they fit?
Any problems?
Interested partys want to know!
I have an old drag racing fix to cure header gasket leaks and blow out's. All you have to do is cut the flange between the front cylinder and the two middle cylinders, you also need to cut it between the back and the middle cylinders. This lets the header bolt up as three diffrent parts and once you do it you will never have another leak. After replacing "blow proof" header gaskets on my 427 three times last summer I finally cut my headers this weekend.

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