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Help! Lifted on lead springs


Mar 3, 2014
2005 C6
Well I am an idiot. I am painting my calipers. I was jacking up my 2005 and didn't realize I was doing so on my leaf spring(?). I got it high enough to get the wheels off the ground. Went to look for placement of my jack stands and noticed what I had done. Did I do some serious damage or am I ok?


Ignore other thread. Had an issue apparently uploading the image. My browser locks up. Mods if you can see this please delete earlier thread with same title.
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Although probably not the proper place to lift the spring should be able to support the weight of the car. I can't tell for sure what that mark is but clean it up and make sure it isn't a crack.

I don't know what happened on the first post but I took care of it.

Thanks Tom. The mark (if you mean the black circle with a cross in the middle) is just a mark from the rubber jack puck. Its brand new so I think some material just came off.

I'll finish the paint job and look for a crack when I can get the wheels back on.

Is that upward bend in the middle of the spring ok? I think it was straight before.
That is how it was, I'm sure. A spring has to have arch.

Well sure enough there is a crack deep enough to catch my fingernail. Its perfectly straight though. Could this be an artifact of manufacturing? It seems to be perfectly centered on the spring.
I don't think that is a crack...appears to be a remnant from manufacturing.
I agree. Looks like a mold line.

Yeah,It's a mold line. :thumb

Whats with the not letting me like something?:W
Yeah,It's a mold line. :thumb

Whats with the not letting me like something?:W

Yea, it's a software issue Jesse. Rob is still looking at transferring the forum to a new/upgraded software.
Well, Jesse you can like what ever you want to now.....

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