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What kind of goof runs paint on flat surfaces?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

I can't believe it. First of all, for all you shark owners with the short hood. When you get the car repainted, I highly suggest that you have the wiper door and grille panel chemical stripped, hand sanded, then painted seperate from the car. I can't tell you how often I see these awesome cars that have flakey, dry, oversprayed paint around this area. An extra few hours really pays off.

Anyway, I decided to blow all the base clear on the headlights, wiper door, and rear filler panel. The weather was perfect yesterday for a little shade tree paint work. They turned out slick with a 10' deep shine=========except, somehow I got two long sags in the clear on the upper wiper door======Doh!!!

So, I will either try to 1000 grit wet sand them out and buff it, or wait about a month, scuff it down and reclear.

Something always has to go wrong. I just wanted to VENT:mad :mad
saggy baggy paint

Gee, I've never done that. :eyerole :eyerole :eyerole :eyerole :crazy
Sure beats the heck out of throwing tools doesn't it?
You are a braver man than me to even attempt painting.
69MyWay said:

Something always has to go wrong.
Never fails there is always one that has to present a problem.
How many coats of base and clear? Also what brand of paint are you using and why?? Just for my info..
Thanks Chris..
I am a Dupont man..........if there is such a thing. I would not consider anything but base/clear unless it was a work truck or something. It takes a little longer, but I think the results are much better.

Depending on the brand paint you use, it will directly affect how many coats are needed for coverage. If you use the Dupont suggested sealer before the base, two base coats are sufficient with a color like black. However, you have to consider the actual color to determine for sure. Three coats is usually best. I only put two on these small parts because I could assure full hiding. Plus, the more coats, the thicker the paint, and the more likely to have other problems. The clear is two to three depending on what you want. since I could prop these small parts of level, I was able to pour two heavy coats of clear.

I want to do full outside of the car in Dupont Imron. That stuff is bullet proof. However, the base clear system in Imron is about twice as expensive. Here is the catch, I will be using a friends spray booth. All he sprays is ICI. I have sprayed that before and have no complaints. It is just not as tough as IMRON. I have a nice four bolt small block with bowtie heads. He wants them very bad, plus he is an excellent painter. I am considering conceeding to the pro here and trading him my extra block and heads for a dose of his expert work. His paint jobs are those you will find on many of Floyd Garretts rides in his national museam.

I shot a 69 race car coupe last year in his both Lemans Blue. Shot it in the bargain brand Dupont base/clear system called Nason *less than $200 for everything-sealer, base, base maker, clear, and activator-Eurothane). It came out awesome. However, I always seem to do a better job on other people's stuff. Not taking any chances on the 69.
I would like to paint a car...

I have spray gun / compressor paint experience and I spray primered a Nova about 10 years ago. I didn't do any prep-work, the guy had already done that, he had never used a paint gun and was nervous, so I said I'd do it. I masked it and shot it outside (no booth), and it turned out good with a smooth even coat and no runs. Primer is easy, but I'd like to tackle a car to see how I could do, start to finish.

When we went to look at my car at the paint shop last year, and the shop owner said it was almost done, I almost laughed out loud. I know I could have painted it better than what was shot onto it! (there was splatter, pin holes and orange peel) He repainted it.
dittos on the DuPont

I have to agree on the DuPont systems. I have tried other products but I always go back to the DuPont. No matter what type of paint you choose if you use the complete DuPont system for that type and follow their recommendations you will get a quality finish. Click below on my web site and go to the "Other Cool Stuff" page to see an example of DuPont black laquer on the '77 Trans Am. DuPont self etching primer, primer /surfacer, sealer and many coats of color sanded black laquer gets you this. I have about 4 month's off work time invested in this job not counting body and prep work.

DuPont Rules, Dude

You know Chris, They say a good paint job is "One Big Run"................ ;) ............Steve

I always thought I would like to paint a car and never tried. I just had both my front and rear bumpers repainted last week, but went to a pro to have it done right. If I was to try a paint job it sure wouldn't be white pearl on a vette. I think it would be more like a plain paint on a old truck or something like that.
I had a winter car in WA...

It was 20 years old, and purchased for $25. It ran and stopped good, but looked terrible. I was planning on painting it this past summer, while 78 was the main driver, but we moved.

I would have been interested to see how well I could do on a car. I have over 4 years of painting experience, and even if I did a horrible job...it would still improve it's looks. A $25 car would have been perfect for me to play around with. I was planning on white, and if I flubbed it, I was gonna let the car club member's children paint over it with colorful handprints.

*as a side note: that car was destined to become an oval dirt track racer within our local car club, at the club member owned Hayfield Raceway, after the next winter.
Most of us that paint don't show too many pictures of our earlier attempts. :eek

early paint attempts

I probably wouldn't have wanted to show off that particular paint job, either...but anything other than what was on it would have been an improvement.
The Hayfield Raceway is just that, an oval in a privately owned hayfield. Limited to locals and car club members, with all glass and loose pieces removed and a limit of $500 of improvements to be done to your vehicle. Lots of paint trading out there, and a blast to watch! $10 to race your car with the group, winner takes the entry fee $. Spectators were mostly friends and family.
So it wouldn't have mattered how I painted it, good or bad, it still would wind up having its' paint scraped during the races...and I would have had an opportunity to see how well I could do if I tried.


This stuff is not peel and stick:L :L :L

by the way chris. I had a good time saturday at the rally.

I've mentioned Chip Foose before in other posts and the ongoing discussion reminds me of a story he once related. At a very young age, he was infatuated by cars because his father was a body man. One day, his father went to the junkyard and pulled a hood off some car. He had Chip practice and practice on that old thing. Stripping, primering, sanding, painting and finally finishing it. Chip, proud of his work showed it off to his dad. The old man looked it over real good and was impressed with what his son had learned. He then went off and returned with a hammer and pounded a dent in the hood. "Now fix it," he told his son. Chip did and learned even more, all at the age of eight. Wow! What a lesson. --Bullitt
This might be a girl reaction...

...but I think I'd have :cry!

tried to fix it

I took 1200 grit to the wiper door panel, blocked out the area and then buffed it. The good news is it came out pretty nice. The bad news is you can still see a image of the paint error..........so, I will 400 the whole thing back down and do it again.

Looking good for this or next weekend to shoot the whole car. I can't wait. Still trying to work out the final details on who, when, where.


Good to meet you. That 68 sounds awesome through those sidepipes. That motor thumps. Several people were commenting on how tough it sounded as you pulled away.

That sounds like the early days of stock car racing. That used to be NASCAR. You know that they had more fun back then.


Yes I do. I am one of the biggest Dale Earnhardt fans. Now I root for different drivers based on the situation. There is a long list that I like including Dale Jr. Mikey, Kenny Shrader, Johnny Benson, Steve Park, and Kevin Harvik. I was thrilled to see Rickey Craven win 2 weeks ago. He has changed a lot since his injuries and is a very likable person. I hope this won't be his only win.

I'm doing all the prep includeding primer/wet sanding but the actual paint job goes to a pro.

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